TESSGO PS5 controller charger review: Charge in style, play non-stop!

by Dillon Sickels
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Are you tired of having to unplug your PS5 controller every time you want to play? Say hello to TESSGO’s dual controller charger! You might be thinking “Well, there are about a thousand of these devices, what makes this one so great?” I’m glad you asked my friend, TESSGO has made going from charging to playing as seamless as can be. Read on to find out what sets this one apart.

Out of the box

Inside the box, you will find the charger itself and a fast-charging USB cable. That is it, and that is all you need. This charger is on the smaller side when compared to others of its kind, so it can easily slide next to your PS5 whether it’s standing up or lying on its side. For reference, my console stands upright and behind my TV. The charger is able to fit nicely in between the TV and console without feeling cramped or cluttered. 

TESSGO PS5 Controller Charger with controllers docked

Setting it up

Setup is as simple as plugging the USB cable into the charger and the PS5. From there the controller icons on the charger will shine a blue light until you place a controller on them. There are only two lights the charger shows, that is red or blue. Blue indicates either no controller attached or a fully charged controller. If the controller is anything less than full bars the LED light will shift to red when it recognises the controller. It will then stay red until it is at max charge. I found the charging time to be fairly quick, just under two hours for a full charge from a dead controller.

What we like

One of the things I really enjoyed about this charger is that it’s able to plug directly into the console itself. A minor detail perhaps, but most PS5 controller docks will be powered by an AC adapter which means it will require an outlet slot. For me, I don’t actually have an extra outlet available to me without plugging in another outlet extender or power strip, but TESSGO’s charger lets me plug into the console and gives me the ability to charge my controllers simultaneously without the extra cables making my overall setup a little cleaner and organised.

TESSGO PS5 Controller Charger resting in hand

Areas for improvement

Now, while TESSGO’s charger is quite good it does have room for improvement. The majority of that would be in the actual controller dock itself. It is somewhat sensitive and I have, on occasion, needed to place the controller delicately onto the dock so it’s recognised and begins to charge. There also isn’t a lot of security for the controller once it’s docked, so a bump to the platform it’s sitting on could cause the charger to not read the controller. It has only happened once so far, but the potential is there and going forward I would love to see a more secure docking mechanism.

Additionally, while the red/blue LED lights are easy to understand I would not hate it if they added a couple more colors to showcase charge percentages. Perhaps it could go from red-orange-green-blue at 25% increments. It’s not necessary but I do think that level of detail would set the charger even further ahead of the pack.

TESSGO PS5 Controller Charger resting on top of PS5

Overall thoughts on the TESSGO PS5 controller charger

Overall TESSGO’s PS5 controller charger is one of the best options on the market right now. Its design is simple yet befitting of the console’s aesthetic, small and light enough to fit wherever you’d like, and provides fast charging for up to two controllers. The dock itself can be inconsistent at times when it comes to setting the controller on top, but that doesn’t detract much from its overall performance.

Consider picking one up yourself if you’re on the lookout as its accessibility and versatility provides a great experience. From charging your controller to playing your favorite game the transition could not be more seamless than with this product.

You can pick up a TESSGO PS5 controller charger over on Amazon. And while you wait for it to arrive, you can go and check out more of our hardware reviews.

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