Venom PS5 Controller Rack review

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If you’ve ever had a console, or used controllers for PC gaming, you’ll no doubt have had that moment where you look around and can’t find it. You’re pretty sure it’s not where you left it, you check every table and shelf, down the side of the sofa, it is nowhere to be seen. Then you find it in the first place you looked. But Venom has a solution to your problems if you own a PS5.

Along with a line of other accessories they’ve developed for the PlayStation 5, Venom has released a rack for the side of your console that holds your controllers. It’s only a simple little thing, but as long as you remember to put your controller on it, it prevents the trouble of the hidden controller from ever happening again.

Venom’s controller rack comes in white only, to match the colour of the PlayStation 5’s outer shell. Which is nice that they thought about the design to make sall blends in. However, it would’ve been nice to see more options, such as black to contrast the centre section of the console. But that’s just a small niggle upon first appearances of 

Venom PS5 Controller Rack standalone detached

Venom’s PS5 controller rack comes in three pieces, the side panel that mounts onto the console, and two small plastic scoop-shaped parts that pop onto the main panel. These are designed perfectly to mimic the shape of the PS5’s Dual Sense controller so they slot in perfectly, cradled up next to your console.

The top of the controller rack hooks over the white side panel of the PS5, and on the back of it, Venom has added some padding. This is to help cushion the controller rack and hold it in place securely, whilst also preventing the hard plastic from scraping against the console and leaving it covered in scratches.

They have really thought about the design of this to minimise any complaints one could make about hooking the accessory onto their shiny new consoles. Further evidence of Venom’s well thought out craftsmanship is where the controllers rest, there are gaps in the cradles allowing for your charging cable to fit through nicely. So if you can’t afford a fancy charging docking station, or don’t have the space for one, this makes a suitable alternative.

Venom PS5 Controller Rack with controllers

So besides a lack of choice is there anything else to complain about? Not really, no. Venom’s controller rack feels well built, is well designed, looks decent enough, and is easy enough to put together that I’d trust my two year old nephew to do it. But is it good value for money?

Well, at £7.99 it is much cheaper than the charging docking stations you can buy, brand-named ones anyway. There are some cheap knock-off ones on Amazon, one of which I ordered and the packaging stated it was for the “P5” when it arrived and the build quality was shocking so I’m yet to use it. However, for what you get, space it saves from having a separate unit and the fact if you remember to use it you’ll no longer misplace your controller, it’s a must-have accessory.

Venom PS5 Controller Rack overall thoughts

I think that Venom’s controller rack for the PS5 is extremely well-designed. It saves on space, keeps your controllers nicely stacked near your console and fits in nicely with the console’s design. It would be nice to have some different colour options, but that’s about all we can come up with on the negative side. If you’re looking for accessories for your sexy new console, I’d definitely recommend this, for me it is a must-have and I wouldn’t be without it now.

The Venom PS5 Controller Rack is available to buy now for £7.99 on Amazon as well as at some other online retailers. And whilst you wait for yours to arrive if you pick one up, why not use that waiting time to check out more of our hardware and tech reviews by clicking HERE.

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