Be Quiet! 140mm Pure Wings fan review: More like be silent!

by Chris Camilleri
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Today we’re looking at the be quiet! Pure Wings. A product that the manufacturer claims offers an “outstanding price-performance ratio”. We’ll be the judge of that!

In the world of PC Assembly, every component plays its part in curating the ideal machine. The plethora of components available demands rigorous selection to ensure optimal compatibility. While fans might often be relegated to mere considerations of fit, their quality significantly affects the decision-making process. Be Quiet!’s assortment, undoubtedly, serves a variety of tastes, and the 140mm Pure Wings fans serve as a testament to this claim.

The be quiet! 140mm Pure Wings fans are a sterling addition to the brand’s repertoire. Their performance stands out, but what’s truly commendable is their quietude. True to their moniker, these fans whisper rather than roar. Sporting an elegant all-black aesthetic, they’re available in multiple sizes to complement various case dimensions. The 140mm might be the largest, yet its sound profile is impressively muted—offering minimal disturbance even if you’re on speakers rather than headphones.

be quiet! Pure Wings 140mm Fan on white background with shadowing

The fan’s robust materials ensure a durable lifespan, resilient to operational wear and tear. While external mishaps, like accidental drops prior to installation, aren’t factored into this, the fan still seems robust enough to weather a few unforeseen blows.

Key Features

The be quiet! 140mm Pure Wings fan is the epitome of silent operation in the realm of PC cooling. Designed with both high-speed and regular variants, it caters to diverse user needs without compromising on quietness. With up to 9 silence-optimised fan blades, it ensures high airflow while simultaneously reducing noise-inducing turbulences. This precision in design is accentuated by its German origins, ensuring every fan is a product of meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Further enhancing its appeal is the integration of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), allowing the fan to intelligently modulate its speed according to cooling needs. This 4-pin controller compatibility ensures dynamic cooling boosts when demanded and utmost silence when not. Its versatility shines through as an apt choice for various setups, from home offices to gaming rigs, with a special nod to high-performance scenarios like water cooling and CPU cooling builds. Backed by high-quality rifle-bearing technology, the fan promises an impressive lifespan of up to 80,000 hours.

To further cement its reliability, it comes with a reassuring 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. All in all, this fan is a harmonious blend of silence, performance, precision, and durability.

be quiet! Pure Wings 140mm Fan on an angle

Ease of installation

The installation process is straightforward, even for the most novice of builders. The fan comes with a clear set of instructions, and the mounting mechanism is intuitive. The screw holes align perfectly with standard cases, eliminating the often irksome task of fiddling to get things to fit. It’s evident that be quiet! has put thought into the user experience, making the installation process as hassle-free as possible.

be quiet! Pure Wings 140mm Fans in case

Pricing and value

When it comes to value, the Pure Wings fans stand tall amidst competition. Their pricing leans towards the more affordable end of the spectrum averaging around £8 when on sale, and around £10 full price for a single fan. Extremely affordable especially considering the calibre of product you’re receiving, and also widely available. Such remarkable quality at a budget-friendly price point is something PC enthusiasts would certainly appreciate. For those on the lookout to either replace a fan or furnish a brand-new rig, these fans emerge as an astute choice.

Overall thoughts on the be quiet! 140mm Pure Wings

Given its impressive features, combined with an attractive price point and the relative ease of installation, it’s no surprise that the be quiet! 140mm Pure Wings fan garners a score of 9/10. The singular con can be seen as a minor gripe when weighed against its myriad advantages. For anyone looking to elevate their PC’s cooling without breaking the bank or their peace of mind, this fan is an excellent choice.

To check out the Pure Wings and any other be quiet! products, head on over to their official website. And don’t forget to check out our other hardware reviews by clicking HERE.

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