SoundPEATS Air4 Pro review: A sound investment in Pro-level audio

by Ben Kirby

It’s not too long ago that I reviewed the SoundPEATS Air4 Lite, and found them a reasonable offering, but lacking a few features here and there. Plus, they required external EQ management to get the right kind of sound. But somehow, hot off the heels of the Lite, the Air4 Pro has appeared, and let me tell you, they’re deserving of the “Pro” title.

Filling in those gaps that the Lites left glaring. The Air4 Pro has genuinely impressed and on occasion, wowed me. And I’ll be honest, that’s not the kind of rhetoric I throw around often.

What features do they bring to the table, and what’s included in the package? Why am I all about the Air4 Pro?

We have the basics in the box, much like the other pair. USB-C cable for charging, manuals, and then the earbuds in their charging case. Nothing to write home about, but nothing lacking, either.

Air4 Pro - Box Shot

Sound quality

Let’s be honest, the key factor here is the sound. We’ll cover the aesthetics and build later, but if they don’t deliver where it counts, what’s the point? I’ve reviewed plenty of pairs of earbuds and gaming headsets, to the point where I can tell pretty quickly if something is going to deliver.

I literally switched mid-song from the Lites to the Air4 Pro, and the difference was significant enough to make me gasp. Genuinely.

No need for a bespoke app, no need to mess with equalisation. You’re good straight out of the box. The bass, the treble, those mid-range and higher-register guitar lines all hit perfectly. There’s something in these 13mm dynamic drivers that is just delivering better without effort.

I’ll be frank and say that I thought this was just a fluke, so I’ve tested and compared for several hours. Listening to songs I know like the back of my hands. Basslines, guitar harmonies, drum fills. Listening to see what gets lost, what shines through, and what struggles. The Air4 Pro are legit some of the best on the market for my money. They delivered every time.

Fantastic work here by SoundPEATS.

SOUNDPEATS Air4 Pro in case

Build quality/functions

A big previous gripe was the lack of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Here in the Air4 Pro we have it. It’s a little odd, and I feel like it isn’t the best ANC implementation I’ve ever encountered. When the cancellation is off, the transparency mode over-compensates and really pulls external audio into your ears. It’s a little distracting.

The charging case is a much more stylish matte finish compared to its glossy Lite brother. I much prefer this matte style and it feels much more premium. It feels durable and suited for months and months of use. This is what I’m looking for

The earbuds themselves fit well enough straight out of the box, and I’ve not had them drop out when exercising, which is really important.

The battery life is pretty admirable, albeit not quite as impressive as the Lite. I’ve not found myself desperate to charge out of nowhere, but I’ve heard the ominous “battery low” voice more than I’d hoped.

The SoundPEATS Air4 Pro promises 26 hours of playtime, but that includes a charge from the case a few times. It’s not unrealistic, but it’s very close to the mark. Sitting on 3+ hour train journeys has been a breeze, not having to worry about battery life. That’s a really important factor in 2023.

One other often-overlooked feature is that of microphone functionality. Arguably not massively important, but these have been wonderful on conference calls, phone calls and when trying to Facetime my children. Noteable if nothing else.

Add in the multi-device connection feature, which sounds pointless. But I like to connect to my laptop and to my phone. Often this means connecting to one or the other, with a disconnection usually required if the earbuds have picked the wrong device. The Air4 Pro let you have 2 devices connected at the same time. Simplicity! Lovely stuff.

The Air4 Pro confidently compete as a well-constructed contender within the wireless earbud arena.


Soundpeats Air4 Pro final verdict

The older brother of the Air4 Lite, the Air4 Pro is superior in almost all ways. The battery is slightly less impressive but still great.

Packed with the features I’d expect, and pulsating with the audio you hope for, even when shopping on a budget. The Air4 Pro delivers time and time again and I’ll be keeping these gems in my bag, in my pocket and within grasp at all times, for a long time to come.

High quality from a company that seems to just be manufacturing better and better devices as they get their foot in the market. I think we need to start paying attention to SoundPEATS….

You can purchase the SoundPEATS Air4 Pro on Amazon right now and you can use the code SPA4PGMS for 10% off for a limited time. Check out more of our hardware reviews by clicking here.

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