EQ Studios debuts Scene Investigators: A true crime detective game on Steam for $24.99

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As the intrigue surrounding true crime and detective stories continues to grow in popular culture, EQ Studios has unveiled its latest gaming contribution to this genre. Following the success of The Painscreek Killings, the studio is proud to present Scene Investigators, a captivating detective game available now on Steam for $24.99 USD.

Scene Investigators missing persons folder

A new challenge for aspiring detectives

Set in a near-futuristic backdrop, players assume the identity of an investigative apprentice, striving to earn their official license. To achieve this, they must delve into a collection of meticulously reconstructed case files, each offering its own set of challenges. With 8.5 diverse crime scenes to unravel, players are in for an analytical treat.

The essence of Scene Investigators lies in its immersive environment. Gamers must navigate these expertly crafted crime scenes, unearth clues, theorize motives, and rely heavily on logical reasoning to reconstruct the events leading up to each crime. Tailored for those who revel in detective cinema, real-life crime stories, and escape room puzzles, the game offers a perfect blend of investigation and intrigue.

Scene Investigators chalk outline on a floor

An emphasis on observation and deduction

Unlike traditional detective games that often come with hints or narrative assists, Scene Investigators pushes players to rely solely on their observational skills, critical thinking, and intellect. Drawing inspiration from real-life crime-solving challenges, players will recognize the game’s “70/30 Principle”. This principle underscores the fact that while 70% of evidence might be readily available, the remaining 30% requires a blend of intuition, logic, and shrewd guessing.

Scene Investigators release trailer

Scene Investigators game features include:

  • “True Crime” Detective Experience: Dive deep into each crime scene, take meticulous notes, and analyze everything without any hand-holding.
  • Immersive Murder Mystery Puzzles: Understand not just the crime, but also the deeper connections between victims and their assailants.
  • Environmental Narratives: Clues aren’t just found in objects, but also in the environment. From lipstick marks to bullet trajectories, the surroundings whisper secrets.
  • Collaborative Gameplay: While designed as a single-player experience, Scene Investigators is perfectly suited for streaming or couch co-op gameplay, allowing fans and friends to debate theories and collaborate on solutions.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in 10 languages, including English, Korean, Spanish, and more, ensuring a global audience can enjoy the game.

For a taste of what awaits, EQ Studios has released a launch trailer, offering a sneak peek into some of the intricately designed murder scenes.

With a legacy like The Painscreek Killings behind them, expectations are high for EQ StudiosScene Investigators. It promises a challenging but rewarding experience for fans of the detective genre. Players can now embark on their investigative journey on Steam. For the latest news and updates, stay tuned to the game’s official website and Twitter handle.

Scene Investigators evidence tags on a dining room table

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