About Us

by Stark


FULLSYNC was first established in 2016 as Full Sync Gaming, the brainchild of three friends who met through the gaming community. We all spent a lot of time reviewing indie games for various websites throughout the start of our careers as amateur critics, and it didn’t take long for us to realise we could start something all of our own, something simple, clean and approachable with a focus on down-to-earth reviews. We wanted to be the journalistic equivalent of an indie game studio, “your friendly neighbourhood games site.” Our early development was fuelled by the collective efforts of streamers, game developers and companies that believed in what we were doing. Full Sync Gaming evolved into FULLSYNC, and suddenly the name made sense – we became a group of people working together to do something that couldn’t be achieved alone. Thanks to the tireless work of Joshua Maddox, the site went from strength to strength, building a solid foundation within the community we all love so much. 


For obvious reasons, we spent a lot of time inside throughout 2020 (and beyond, honestly) and while this was exhausting in some ways, it also meant we were pouring far more energy and time into FULLSYNC. We dared bigger, reaching out to larger companies and taking greater opportunities. We are not a huge, booming voice in the gaming industry, but we are uniquely positioned to encourage and promote the ideas and people we believe in. That was the ethos we set out with back in 2016, and with the launch of what we call FULLSYNC V.2, we’re returning to our roots, working towards the creation of a community where anyone is welcome that promotes and encourages individual creativity within the gaming industry.  This is an ongoing process, and though the core of what we’d like our site to be is in place, we’re not all the way there yet. If you’d like to get involved, you can join us on our Guilded server here.

We’re building a great network of people who want to support and encourage each other. By joining us on Guilded you can provide us with vital feedback, take part in community driven content, contribute to interviews or point us in the direction of games and people that deserve attention. Whether it’s tech support, streaming advice, or you’d just like to meet some friendly faces – you’re welcome. Our new Guilded community is going to be at the core of our development moving forward, and we hope to see you there!