Welock Smart Lock Fingerprint Door Lock Cylinder SECBNEBL51 review

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We love our smart gadgets at FULLSYNC. Whether it’s a wifi enabled plug, a security system like a video doorbell, or a funky smart lightbulb. But today we have something a little different. Folks, it’s time to check out the Welock Smart Lock, which is pretty much like having a futuristic bouncer for your front door.

This gadget lets your finger do the talking—or in this case, the unlocking. And it’s not just about fingerprints; this little beauty also works with RFID cards and even your smartphone. But before you throw out your old keys, let’s talk about whether this tech marvel is worth the hype.

The good bits

First off, installation of the Welock Smart Lock is a breeze. If you can handle a screwdriver without turning your thumb blue, you’re golden. It’s as simple as popping out your old cylinder and sliding this one in, no need to make a call to your local handyman. Best of all, you get a nifty little toolkit with all the bits and bobs that you’ll need to do this with. But do be sure to check whether the measurements of the lock fit with your door, as it won’t be compatible with every standard lock.

Using the Welock Smart Lock is just as slick. It recognises your fingerprint quicker than you can say “Open Sesame,” and with the RFID cards, just a quick tap and you’re in. Plus, managing access through the app is dead easy. You can see who’s been coming and going, making it a piece of cake to keep track of your teenage kids or that forgetful uncle who never seems to have his keys.

The not-so-good bits

Now, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. The Welock Smart Lock’s fingerprint scanner bit is a tad chunky. I’ve had a few tussles with it catching on the door frame, which can be a proper nuisance. You’ve got to finagle it a bit sideways to avoid a scuffle every time you close the door. Not ideal, but not a deal-breaker.

Also, while it’s great that it saves your last ounce of battery, the instructions kick off with lock installation rather than app setup, which seems a bit cart before the horse to me. Definitely sort out the app first—it’ll save you a bit of faff later on.

Battery worries? Not a biggie. If you’re out of juice, just plug a power bank into the lock and you’re sorted. It’s like having an emergency fuel can but for your door.

Welock Smart Lock installed

The price point

Clocking in at around £180, it’s not the cheapest on the block. But think about the convenience—no more fumbling for keys, no more being locked out. That’s a small price to pay for big peace of mind.

Welock Smart Lock overall verdict

So, is the Welock Smart Lock the guardian of your gateway dreams? Almost. It’s solid, slick, and techy to the max. Despite a couple of design quirks, this lock is a solid choice for anyone looking to step into the future of home security. It’s easy enough to fit for a DIY novice and nifty with its tech.

A bit of tweaking on the design and setup instructions, and it’d be nudging closer to perfection. Until then, it’s a great choice for tech lovers looking to upgrade their home security with a touch (literally) of modern convenience.

You can check out the Welock Smart Lock on the official Welock website. Click here to head over now and use code welock40 to unlock a £40 discount. In the meantime, be sure to check out our hardware review section for more upcoming reviews of the latest tech.

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