Unboxing the Gamers Delight £20 Mystery Box – A nostalgic treasure trove!

by Ben Enos
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Curious about what’s inside the £20 mystery box from Gamers Delight? Ben from Enos Tech unboxes it all in the video below. Discover a mix of retro games, gaming accessories, and surprise items that will take you on a nostalgic journey. If you don’t have time for the video, keep scrolling to read our detailed review.

Unboxing a mystery box is always a thrilling experience, and the £20 box from Gamers Delight did not disappoint. With a variety of items ranging from classic games to fun accessories, it’s like stepping back in time with every piece you unveil.

What’s inside the Gamers Delight mystery box?

  • PlayStation Silicon Controller Skin: Keep your controller protected with this sleek silicon cover.
  • Thumbstick Grips: Enhance your gaming precision with two packs of grips for your controllers.
  • Stickers: Add a touch of personality to your gaming setup or accessories.
  • SNES Controller Key Ring: A mini homage to the classic SNES controller.
  • Video Game-Themed Erasers: Perfect for school or work, with a fun twist.
  • Spiderman Comic: Dive into some superhero action during your gaming breaks.
  • Cheat Book: A blast from the past, guiding you through classic games.
  • Retro Games: Including Colin McRae Rally for PS1, Grid for PS3, Tiger Woods golf for Xbox 360, and Fight Night for PS2.
  • Pogs: Remember these? They’re back to bring a smile to your face.
  • Teck Deck Finger Skateboard: A mini skateboard for your fingers, perfect for those idle moments.
  • Trading Cards: A mixture of Super Mario and Pokemon.
Gamers Delight - Ben from Enos Tech unboxing the mystery box

The positives

The Gamers Delight £20 mystery box offers tremendous value for money, particularly when you take advantage of the 15% discount with our code FULLSYNC. Each box brims with items that evoke a sense of nostalgia, making it an excellent deal for gamers who love revisiting their childhood memories. Whether it’s the SNES controller key ring or the classic Colin McRae Rally for PS1, each item seems to transport you back to simpler times, reminding you of the joy of those early gaming days.

The mystery and excitement that come with not knowing exactly what you’ll get adds an extra layer of fun to the experience. Unpacking the box feels like a mini adventure, where every item unwrapped could be a treasured relic from the past. This element of surprise makes it a fantastic gift option for any gamer in your life, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and curiosity that’s sure to delight. Moreover, the box includes a diverse range of items, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, regardless of their gaming preferences or platform.

The negatives

While the element of surprise is one of the box’s greatest strengths, it can also be a drawback. You might end up with items that don’t fit your current gaming setup or interests, like games for consoles you don’t own. However, Gamers Delight does allow you to add notes specifying your gaming systems, which can help mitigate this issue and tailor the box more to your needs. This thoughtful touch shows that they understand their audience and are committed to enhancing the customer experience.

Despite this minor drawback, the overall value and joy of the unboxing experience far outweigh the negatives. The potential for receiving unusable items is just a part of the mystery box charm, and it’s an opportunity to discover new aspects of gaming culture or even share these items with friends who might appreciate them.

Gamers Delight logo

Overall thoughts on the Gamers Delight £20 Mystery Box

Overall, the Gamers Delight £20 mystery box is a fantastic mix of past and present, offering a delightful surprise for any gaming enthusiast. Whether you’re a collector or looking for a unique gift, this box is sure to please. With its nostalgic content and the thrill of the unknown, it’s more than just a collection of items – it’s an experience.

Get your own mystery box at Gamers Delight and don’t forget to use the code FULLSYNC for a 15% discount!

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We did purchase this ourselves because we believe in helping support small businesses, so whilst they knew we would be reviewing this, it wasn’t gifted and has no way affected our impressions of the unboxing or review. For more unboxing and reviews, head over to our review section.

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