ENGWE ENGINE PRO eBike review: A powerful beast for all terrains

by Ben Kirby
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If you’re looking for an electric bike that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, the ENGWE ENGINE PRO is well worth considering. This folding e-mountain bike packs a serious punch, delivering exceptional all-terrain performance thanks to its fat tyres, full suspension, and potent 750W motor.

It’s not the first time we’ve reviewed an ebike like this, and hopefully, it isn’t the last, because they’re great fun to try out. You can find out just how much fun by checking out our detailed video review by Ninja Refinery below. And for those of you who don’t have the time to watch right now, our quick write-up is just below that.

ENGWE ENGINE PRO – First impressions

Let’s be honest, the ENGINE PRO won’t win any beauty contests. It’s a chunky, industrial-looking bike that puts function firmly ahead of form. The folding mechanism does work, but it’s a workout in itself due to the bike’s sheer weight. Still, that solid frame and heavy-duty build inspire confidence for rough trails.

ENGWE Engine Pro ebike standing on an angle

Power and performance

Once you get the ENGWE ENGINE PRO rolling, those initial gripes start to fade away. This bike is seriously fast, and the powerful motor makes light work of even steep hills. The fat tyres provide incredible grip on everything from sand and mud to loose gravel. The full suspension soaks up bumps nicely, offering a relatively smooth ride even on rough off-road trails. Braking is equally impressive thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes.

Features that shine

There’s no shortage of practical features on the ENGINE PRO. The bright lights and brake lights are great for added safety, and a clear, functional LCD display keeps you informed about speed, battery level, and riding mode. The Shimano 8-speed gears provide a good range for varied terrain. Plus, the removable battery is a bonus for convenient charging.

ENGWE Engine Pro ebike folded


The ENGWE ENGINE PRO isn’t perfect. The styling divides opinion, it’s definitely a hefty machine, and the price tag will make some eyes water. However, if you prioritize raw power, all-terrain capability, and pure fun, it’s a compelling e-bike. It’ll munch through trails that might intimidate other electric bikes and put a massive grin on your face in the process.

Want to grab yours with a discount?

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ENGWE Engine Pro ebike standing view side on

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