PS5 Exogrip: Crafted in Lockdown, Moulded by You!

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In the midst of a pandemic when most were engaged in endless Zoom meetings and binging on Netflix, 27-year-old Sam Coombes turned adversity into innovation. Born in the heart of the Covid-19 lockdown, Coombes brought to life Exogrip, an ingenious solution for gamers around the world.

It’s not just another gaming accessory. This mouldable PS5 controller grip, backed by seed funding from the University of East Anglia, is designed with a singular mission: to offer unparalleled comfort during those long gaming hours, and in the process, reduce potential hand-related injuries.

What is Exogrip?

What makes Exogrip stand out?

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach common in the market, Exogrip uses patent pending technology allowing it to effortlessly adapt to the unique shape of each user’s hands. The grip transforms into a malleable material when heated. Once moulded to your hand’s contour, it promises not only enhanced comfort but also a more immersive gaming experience, mitigating the all-too-common hand fatigue many gamers experience.

How does it work? Simple:

  1. Heat: Dunk the grip in boiling water for a minute.
  2. Grip: Wrap it around your controller, squeezing it to ensure it perfectly mirrors your hand’s shape.
  3. Game: Dive into your gaming universe with your custom-fitted Exogrip, offering support like a personal exoskeleton.
PS5 Exogrip Components

A game-changer for the gaming community

What’s even more impressive is the commitment to addressing an often-overlooked issue: declining hand health among gamers. Beyond enhancing performance and control, Exogrip has an eye on the larger picture — ensuring gamers enjoy their passion without compromising their hand health.

With two distinct layers, the inner being heat-resistant and snugly fitting the controller, and the outer mouldable layer, gamers can be assured their controllers remain undamaged. It’s this outer layer that’s the magic – it moulds and retains the desired shape post-cooling.

This isn’t just an accessory; it’s an invitation to personalise your gaming experience. No more generic grips. This is about making a statement, crafting a grip that’s distinctly yours. It’s about saying goodbye to the norms and embracing individuality.

Sam Coombes’ Exogrip embodies the innovative spirit, presenting a solution that’s tailor-made for each gamer. It’s the result of hard work during trying times and a testament to the human spirit’s ability to innovate amidst challenges. For gamers, it’s an opportunity to not only level up their experience but also champion their hand health.

Whether you’re a professional or someone who games for the sheer love of it, Exogrip promises an enhanced, personalised, and healthier gaming journey.

Exogrip Before and After

Quote from the founder himself

Having been obsessed with gaming for most of my life, I noticed that the longer I spend doing it the more uncomfortable it got. Exogrip’s smart-grip solution is simple but effective and gives gamers just what they need – comfort and control, which adds up to a better gaming experience.

Most gamers will stop at nothing to unlock new gear, improve their times, work their way up the leader board and level up their gaming ability to beat their friends. This self-moulded grip gives them that all-important competitive edge.

Price and availability:

Exogrip is available for £24.99 from

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