be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX review: A cooling dream with style and substance

by Ben Kirby
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NinjaRefinery here again, bringing you another hands-on video review, this time focusing on the be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX. Before you dive into the details with me, do yourself a favour and hit play on our video review below. It’s a visual treat showing this cooler in action and gives you a real feel for what it brings to your build.

Alright, let’s get into why the Pure Loop 2 FX is making waves in the world of CPU coolers.

Everything included

be quiet! doesn’t just deliver a cooler; they provide a complete cooling solution. Everything you need is in the box, including additional water/fluid for future top-ups. This isn’t just a product; it’s a long-term investment in your system’s health. The inclusion of all necessary screws and fixings ensures compatibility with various case sizes, showing be quiet!‘s commitment to versatility and user-friendliness.

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX box contents

Effortless building and installation

Building a PC can sometimes be a pain. So the ease of building with the Pure Loop 2 FX is a massive win. Attaching the fans to the radiator is straightforward, meaning you’re ready to go in no time. The installation process? Just as smooth. The solid, stable tubes make fitting the cooler to your CPU a breeze, and the radiator screws in effortlessly – stability and ease in one package.

Exceptional cooling performance

Let’s talk performance. The cooling efficiency of the Pure Loop 2 FX is nothing short of fantastic. It maintains stable temperatures regardless of the load, whether you’re editing videos, gaming, or juggling multiple tasks. This cooler keeps things chill, ensuring your system runs at peak performance without breaking a sweat.

The RGB touch

Now, let’s not overlook the addressable RGB. It’s not just about performance; it’s also about aesthetics. The RGB lighting adds a touch of flair, illuminating your setup in style. It’s a welcomed addition that enhances the visual appeal of your rig.

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX RGB

Size and alternatives

The 280mm size is a great fit for many cases, but if you’re rocking a larger setup, fear not – be quiet! offers a range of sizes to suit different needs, all at reasonable price points. They’ve got you covered, no matter your build.

Overall thoughts on the be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX

To wrap it up, the be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX is a powerhouse of a CPU cooler. It ticks all the boxes: easy installation, top-tier cooling performance, and a dash of RGB style. In this box, you’ll find everything needed for a long-lasting, efficient cooling solution.

In short, the be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX is a solid 10/10. It excels in performance, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal. This isn’t just a cooler; it’s a statement of quality and reliability. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a multi-tasking professional, the Pure Loop 2 FX is sure to keep your system cool, calm, and stunningly lit.

For some more detailed specs, check out the official be quiet! website. For more of our tech reviews, just click here.

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX underside

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