Genesis Nitro 880 gaming chair review

by Ben Kirby
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Gaming chairs are something that has often piqued my interest, but until building a PC and getting a proper gaming desk I never saw the need to invest. Now though, I’m at the point of basically needing one. Enter the Genesis Nitro 880 gaming chair.

I’ve gushed enough about Genesis over the past few months. The little-known gaming peripherals company that must be on the verge of breaking out. I’ll be up-front here. The Nitro 880 is as high-quality as their other products.

Nitro 880 set up at desk

The build

Ok, you receive a huge box of bits, and you think “oh crap, I need to make a chair out of this”…..

No problem here, much like their Holm gaming desks, the Nitro 880 came with everything you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Instructions, bolts, nuts, washers, everything.

So I unpackaged it all, followed the instructions and had it built within about 30 minutes. It was a little cumbersome at times, but that’s purely due to the size of the chair and the robustness of the sections.

Attaching the back to the seat base, and attaching the arms were the roughest part for me, but not really an issue. Because every screw and bolt was labelled and the instructions told you to which bit to use for which section, even a numpty like me was able to make pretty short work of it.

The Nitro 880 was so straight-forward to put together, that I doubted myself, assuming I’d missed something substantial somewhere.


Ok, so it was a dream putting the Nitro 880 together. But what does that matter if it isn’t comfortable or practical?

Get ready for a shock…….it’s bloody great.

Added cushions for lumbar and head support really make a difference. In fact, as someone that had been working and gaming for 4 months on a kitchen chair, I feel like the Nitro 880 has actually saved my back, nay, my life! Dramatics aside, this is a bloody comfy chair. Adjustable to your every whim. Height, arm height, armrest protrusion. Adjustable back tilt and moveable cushioning, too.

There’s nothing really that the Nitro 880 can’t give you for the very specific way in which we all like to get comfy.

I’ve built and used a lot of office chairs in my time, and the Nitro 880 is up there with some of the best I’ve had over the years. Add to it that bucket-style where you’re nestled into the chair with the sides closing in around you, you’re good to go for hours. Smooth wheel movement and lovely smooth height adjustment, too. It’s all very slick.


If you look at the range of gaming chairs on offer by Genesis, I think it’s fair to say that some look better than others (all relative to personal tastes, of course). By that note, I personally think the Nitro 880 is on the top-end of their offerings.

Sleek, sharp and modern-looking. This is a chair that looks the part. In a world of bright RGB colours, the green works quite nicely, too. The attention to detail on the Nitro 880 is what stood out to me. Sure, stitching in cushions is kind of a given, but even the wheels are moulded to show the Genesis logo on them.

Time and time again, I look at the build of it and just see quality. Sure it would be lovely to be realy leather, and you can see some of the stitch holes when looking at the birghter coloured parts. But it never takes away from the overall visual.

Great work.

Is the Genesis Nitro 880 worth a punt?

If you’re in the market for a gaming chair, I would highly recommend looking at the Nitro 880 or other Genesis offerings.

Easy to build, comfortable, highly adustable and it looks good too. It’s an easy chair to recommend. I’ve sat in it daily for work and gaming for a few weeks now, and after what must be circa 45-50 hours a week, I’ve had no problems at all.

The Nitro 880 has been hammered by me in testing, because it’s my new daily driver. Work, gaming and anythign else. I can settle in and crack-on. Keeping my back from breaking after months of hard kitchen chairs.

At the time of writing Amazon have the Nitro 880 listed at £273.21 but out of stock. It’s a high-end piece of kit, at a high-end cost. If you’re in the market and looking to buy a chair to last you for years, then you’d be making a solid investment here.

Genesis just knock it out of the park time and time again. 10/10

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aleksa license December 20, 2022 - 6:03 am

Very modern look and it is also comfortable. Useful for gamers.:)


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