Trailer for Horror/Racing game “Deadlane” Released

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Vscape Studios is excited to share the first trailer to their inaugural project, Deadlane. Deadlane is a horror/racing game which pits the player against five contestants in a race for survival. Inspired by asymmetrical horror games such as Dead by Daylight and beloved racing franchises such as Need for Speed.

Deadlane Trailer:

As keeping tradition from any survival horror game, “Deadlane” enforces unforgiving tracks in which racers are picked off one by one, lap by lap. This deadly cycle will repeat until only four remain – with the 3rd and final lap deciding Gold(1st), Silver(2nd), Bronze(3rd) and the last to be eliminated.

The game will feature other on-road obstacles such as evil spirits, who stalk every street and can spawn by racers at any given time.  Players will be wise to avoid encounters as it doesn’t take much to provoke their attacks.

Players will also possess the freedom to choose from a gallery of atmospheric tracks, each as lethal as the last.

We best compare Deadlane to the thrill of riding a roller coaster. It’s a ton of fun but it can be really horrifying, too.Both racing and horror focus on building the player’s adrenaline, so the idea of going all-in on that made the entire team very excited

 Rick Alcala, Co-Director.

On top of single-player races, additional single-player modes (such as time trial and survival) are currently being developed in mind for the project’s launch.
Founded in 2018, Vscape Studios is preparing Deadlane for launch in 2021.

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