New screenshots for Paradox Vector

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It’s not too often our attention is grabbed by an indie game with a single developer behind it. But that’s what happened when we checked out Paradox Vector, currently in development by one-man shop Schmidt Workshops.

You may remember when we posted the announcement 1 month ago, that its release would land sometime in August.

Born from reverence to the classic vector-graphic games of the 1980s, Paradox Vector adds modern-day innovations to create a wholly new and original first-person shooter. Navigate a strange and impossible world inspired by the confounding and mesmerizing art of M.C. Escher, where perception and spatial awareness create unique opportunities for combat and navigation.

Hallways appear to go up but actually go down. Enemies attack from angles you might not expect. Thinking outside the box nets players new weapons, items, and areas while an army of enemies do their best to defeat them in an expansive open world filled with secrets and dangers.

A brand new set of screenshots from the game in all their old-school, Vector-y goodness, have been released and you can check them out below:

A new video that dives a bit deeper into the idea of “impossible geometry” and how it comes into play in the game (and might just break your brain in the process), was also released. And you can check that out down below too.

Impossible Geometry in Paradox Vector

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