Genesis Holm 200 RGB gaming desk review

by Ben Kirby
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The Holm 200 RGB is a gaming desk, made by the still relatively unknown, but excellent, Genesis.

When someone says “gaming” anything, I kind of shudder a little. Unless it’s a peripheral (controller/headset etc), it usually means that someone is trying to exploit a perhaps younger, and more naive sub-set of the gaming market. Add the word “gaming”, throw-in some RGB LED lights, and you have a “gaming” product, right?

So imagine my initial thoughts at the prospect of a gaming desk……..

Luckily, I’ve already learned not to underestimate Genesis when it comes to kit. After reviewing the excellent Irid 353 PC case for my first ever PC Build. Hesitant, yes. Because what on earth constitutes a “gaming” desk, but confident in Genesis? Absolutely. I couldn’t wait to see what the Holm 200 RGB had in store for me.

Holm 200 RGB boxed up

The build

I’m no stranger to flat-pack furniture, but I’ve definitely had good and bad experiences. Poor instructions, crap parts, missing screws and so on. Again, my expectations of Genesis were perhaps unreasonably high because I know the quality of their products. So I guess I was setting myself up to be disappointed.

I was not disappointed! The Holm 200 RGB came well packaged, with simple and useful instructions. All of the parts were numbered, to match the build instructions, and the screws were packaged according to their own part number, too. Genesis isn’t messing about here.

Every step of the build process has been accounted for.

Are the parts any good, though? Well, yeah. I think at this stage, we all need to be getting onto the Genesis train. Everything of theirs that I’ve had, has been fantastic. The metalwork for the legs is solid, cleanly manufactured and tidy. The bars used for supports aren’t flimsy. The cable-tidy tray, the cup holder (yeah, you read that) and the headphone holder, are all solid.

No screw fits into a hole it isn’t intended for. They all use the same sized Allen key (provided) and everything just fits. Genesis has sent the Holm 200 RGB out, with a confidence that everything is provided, considered and delivered.

All told (unboxing included), it took about 30 minutes to get the Holm 200 RGB built. It’s solid, nice compact size and perfect to get everything I need on it.

Cup holder, that even has a slot for your mug handle to slide into
Mug life

The finish

I’ve waxed lyrical about how much has been considered to deliver a solid gaming desk. But I’m not sure I could ever do it enough justice. The Holm 200 RGB comes with 3x USB 3.0 ports to quickly plug-in your charging cables etc. The actual desktop is covered in a really clean carbon fibre wrap to give it a sturdy look and feel.

I have a cup holder on one side, that, wait for it……has a cutout for a mug handle so I can pop my coffee in it. I review coffees, and this tiny little detail is something that has blown my mind!! Ninja Refinery HQ is made-up with such a little detail.

There’s a headset holder on the other side, to rest an over-ear headset and keep everything tidy.

Beyond that, there’s a cable-tidy tray that hangs from the back, and of course, RGB LED lighting that comes with an accompanying remote control. The USB ports and RGB lighting are powered by USB that goes straight into your PC.

Finally, there’s a nice cutout at the back in the centre, to drop cables down, and a curve inwards at the front, so you can get as close to the action as possible.

How does a desk become a “gaming” desk? I think Genesis have the answer with the Holm 200 RGB…… You make it solid, you add convenience elements and you make it attractive enough to site anywhere in your home. You don’t have to have the lights on, although, I’ll be honest. I have all of my PC case lit-up to match the desk…….So yeah, maybe I’m the target market after all.

Holm 200 RGB gaming desk overall thoughts

There’s no denying I’m a big fan of this desk. But it’s not in some kind of blinkered fanboy naivety. Sure, I realise the quality of the products that Genesis make, but I’m always very critical of something that’s aimed at “gamers”, a term I really don’t like. Remove the nonsense around the target market, though, and you’re still left with a bloody solid desk. Add to that the convenient features built-in, and you’re laughing.

Turn the lights off, and use it as a desk for working from home. I promise you it’ll be better than the cheap one you’re off to go get from Ikea. The Holm 200 RGB is a bit of a revelation to me. I didn’t realise that desks could be so functional and appealing. I know that there’s a bigger desk that Genesis sells, too. But this 75cm high, 60cm wide and 113cm long desk is absolutely perfect for my little nook at home, where I’ve now set-up my gaming station.

Ignore those cables…..

It sounds false to declare something without flaw, I personally don’t think that anything can be considered “perfect” because there’s always room for improvement. The problem I have right now is that I’m not sure what can be improved here. This desk is an absolute 10/10 for me.

Genesis deserves far greater recognition, and once people get on the bandwagon, don’t forget that we told you first. If you’re looking for a desk, for work or for gaming, you’d do far worse than to get yourself a Holm 200 RGB.

You might struggle to find this in the UK at the moment, but it will hopefully be available soon as Genesis look to find stockists. In the meantime, whilst you wait, you can check out more of our hardware reviews HERE, or head over to to read some of the writer’s other work.

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