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When it comes to gaming, especially on PC, many people will have opted to purchase themselves a gaming chair. We’ve reviewed many over the years, and some are definitely much better than others. However, cheaper ones can often lack features that would be better for your physical health. So could something like Flexispot’s Flexi-Chair be a better option? Let’s find out…

Office Chair, Assemble!

Sadly, building the Flexi-Chair isn’t as easy as calling upon the Avengers. But it’s far from difficult to put together.

Upon opening the box, everything was well wrapped and protected, with the chair coming in six main parts. The casters, the base, the gas lift cylinder, the mount, the seat cushion and the backrest, which already had the armrests attached.

The casters just pop into place, and the cylinder just rests nicely in the middle. The mount requires some screwing to fix it to the seat cushion, and the backrest should slide in and screw into place too. However, we found this last bit rather tricky. Even with instructions to follow, and a second pair of helping hands during the build, it was almost as if the screws weren’t long enough. But after applying some weight to apply some pressure, being mindful not to snap the chair in two, we eventually managed to get it together.

Then, it was just a case of flipping the Flexi-Chair over and placing it on the cylinder so it was ready for use.

Flexispot Flexi-Chair in box

Get a load of that a$$

I’m not the lightest of guys by any means, we’ll partly blame lockdown for that though. The other part of the blame goes on my unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Which as you may guess, means I sit on my ass a lot. I mean I do it a lot anyway for work and running the website, so I know a good chair when I plant my ass on one.

Now, as mentioned, we’ve reviewed a number of gaming chairs over the years. From more expensive ones to the cheaper variety you see on Amazon. And whilst budget gaming chairs are great for many, they usually wear down very quickly, we found this the case not long after using the JL Comfurni Gaming Chair. The cushioning just seemed to collapse under the weight of my load.

However, I’ve had this chair since December now. I wanted to really test it out so I wasn’t saying how great it was before I realise that it didn’t hold up and I’d have to go back and edit my review. And to my surprise, it’s still as comfortable as the day the seat and my cheeks first met. It’s a soft and cushioned experience when I lower myself onto the Flexi-Chair, the padding seeming to not become deformed over time by losing its volume and ability to bounce back.

What’s more, because it’s not a leather material too, with the chair being made from breathable mesh fabric, it doesn’t get too hot or sticky to sit on either when it’s warm.

The only downside is, the website states it is an abrasion-resistant seat. Which to me means it shouldn’t catch or tear when you’re sitting on it and wiggling around. And it didn’t for me personally, but apparently, a cat who is trying to make biscuits on the Flexi-Chair can easily pull the fabric without really needing to get the claws deep into it. The only positive side is, that it seemed to be super easy to brush and collect any stray cat fur from the chair to keep it nice and clean.

Flexi-Chair seat cushion showing breathability

Just how Flexi is it?

One thing that can be said for the many gaming chairs available, is that they are very flexible when it comes to setting them up. You tend to have the height adjustment, adjustable armrests, back and neck cushions, plus a reclinable back. But how flexible is the Flexi-Chair in these areas?

Well, it has height adjustment. If any kind of chair used for computers didn’t, I’d be very surprised. It then has some armrests that are cushioned and comfortable, and adjustable too, but not as you may think. They initially don’t seem like they go up and down, or backwards and forwards, they just swing up and down from a resting position to being stored on either side of the chair’s backrest.

However, under the armrests are two plastic flaps. If you lift these up, you can then slide the armrests up and down. You then just pop the flaps back down again and it will lock them into place. The downside was the fact that this wasn’t completely obvious at first, because their design almost merges into the Flexi-Chair, and nothing was mentioned in the instructions it came with.

What I really like though is how they can be put out of the way. I work with many people who don’t like having them, so this would be great for some. Especially because they just tuck away rather than needing to be physically removed and stored in a cupboard somewhere.

Moving onto the backrest itself, it’s not like a gaming chair with a cushion that can be moved and taken off if needed. It’s a permanent fixture incorporated into the Flexi-Chair’s design. And it is one I like. It may not be comfortable at first for some, but that’s because your back is probably already buggered up like mine was. But after a few weeks, I noticed my back was hurting less, and the lumbar support really helps.

Flexispot Flexi-Chair backrest

It too has a mesh cover as well, making it breathable, which is just an added comfort for me personally, especially when you’re sat for long periods of time. Sure it could be improved, the office chairs in my work have inflatable lumbar support that you can pump up or let down to meet your needs. But the problem is, people, stop using them, and so they’re not doing the job they’re designed for, which is to offer back support that will be better for your health. It also lacks the ability to recline as well, but being an office chair, I guess people don’t want to offer an option for their employees to fall asleep.

Finally, the Flexi-Chair headrest. This actually can be removed unlike some other sections of the chair. It simply can be slid out and put away, however, it’s super flexible and comfy, offering great neck support. It’s especially nice when you’re gaming and you just want to bang your head against something for making stupid mistakes, or when you get stuck with a teammate who clearly hasn’t a clue how to play the game because the mesh fabric is elasticated so it doesn’t hurt, it just bounces your head back upright.

Flexi-Chair headrest adjustments

Is it value for money?

Well, Flexispot currently has a sale on, they often do at different points throughout the year. But the Flexi-Chair doesn’t seem to be on it at the moment, possibly as it is currently out of stock. If you see it on sale, it could be worth every penny depending on the discount, but we have seen them offering out up to £100 off before.

As it stands though, the Flexi-Chair is currently £259.99 with free shipping in the UK. Now, if you were buying this as an office chair, I’d say it’s a decent piece of equipment that is comfortable, even following long use, and has some excellent features. It is definitely designed with improving physical health in mind with the way it has created an adjustable chair with a back-friendly design, but more could be done, and I’ve seen more options available on other chairs.

As a gaming chair? Well, it’s worth it too in all honesty. Especially if you suffer from a bad back. However, if you do from time-to-time use your chair to recline and nap in, or just to lie back and watch anime or football, then you’re going to be disappointed here.

It definitely could be improved upon, especially for the price. The Flexi-Chair is much better than many budget chairs but is at a higher price point compared to other office chairs I’ve researched online that offer similar features. However, whether they’re as kind to my behind as the Flexi-Chair, I wouldn’t know.

Flexi-Chair in office

Overall thoughts of the Flexispot Flexi-Chair

Overall, it’s a high-quality product that offers adjustability, comfort and a range of features that make sitting in the Flexi-Chair a great experience. It helps to alleviate back pain, it doesn’t get too warm or uncomfortable, and most importantly, it doesn’t break down quickly.

However, for the price, it is slightly more expensive than some of its rivals. But, as I say, Flexispot does occasionally have sales on, so if you find it for below the £200 mark, I’d say it’s a steal. Otherwise, it is a quality office chair that you get what you pay for, but for the extra money, I would expect some additional features like a proper reclining back, maybe adjustable lumbar support (some people are taller than others), and possibly, a few different possible adjustments for the armrests.

That said, none of that takes away from what a good chair this is. It has already replaced my gaming chair because it’s much more comfortable, and because of how much better my back pain is after using the Flexi-Chair’s lumbar features as they’re intended.

The Flexi-Chair can be found on the official Flexispot website, and many of its other products can be found on its official Amazon Store. In the meantime, make sure to check out more of our reviews HERE.

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