Proxy Services: What are the pros and cons?

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The need to choose a VPN is intensifying swiftly. Good proxy services offer several benefits, primarily to protect your device from cyberattacks. When you get bored of your usual entertainment content, you can use this service to reassign your device’s IP address. Before you know it, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and HBO will become accessible at the click of a button. 

The pros and cons are vast, but we will explore the most significant ones in this piece. Then, you can decide whether you want this technology or not. So, stay right there!

The Pros of a Good VPN 

Although you must decide independently, the following benefits will nudge you in the right direction: 

Bring the globe to your fingertips

There are servers in significant parts of the world. You can bring the virtual globe to your fingertips when you connect to any of the servers your VPN service offers. This is also how you know if you have chosen the right VPN – your server list will be expansive and robust, quality-wise. 

VPN providers use IP addresses to alter your device’s physical location. Through the server list, you can visit any part of the world. When this happens, you can reach the nook and crannies of the World Wide Web from the comfort of your bedroom. 

While your internet reach expands, you may be unable to enjoy the service if you experience a slow internet connection, especially while streaming, gaming, or torrenting. It is not uncommon for some VPN services to obstruct your internet connection speed. But the fastest VPN list is here – you can check it out to choose a swift proxy service. 

Streaming Netflix through a Proxy on a living room TV, with viewer sticking their feet up on a coffee table

It protects your device 

Most communication these days occurs online. It has become a lifestyle – you do not need to leave your room in most cases. 

Since liaising is more accessible online, sensitive information flies around virtually through social media DMs, emails, and even iMessage. All these communication mediums are not exactly secure, despite their claims. 

Cybercrimes are more rampant than you may think, with jaw-dropping annual statistics. Cybercriminals’ tools to intercept sensitive data are easily accessible online and at affordable fees. The prevalence of data and security breaches is far too alarming for anyone to leave things to chance. 

But a VPN service serves as a reliable barricade between your device and the ills of the internet world, maximizing your online experience. A good proxy service will offer you military-grade encryption, the strongest encryption technology worldwide. 

It sends your data through a secure and encrypted tunnel that unauthorized parties will have difficulty breaking into. The algorithm frustrates a breach attempt uncountable times, as it has been engineered to do. 

Regardless of what you are doing on the internet, you have the assurance of maximum safety for your device. Now, you can continue exchanging sensitive correspondences unmitigatedly thanks to proxy services. 

Defeat dynamic pricing

Changing your IP address with a VPN will expose you to lower prices worldwide. The prices many international e-commerce websites display vary from one region to another. It is called dynamic pricing.

For instance, skincare products may be cheaper when you change your IP address from France to the United States. You defeat dynamic pricing when you use a VPN to book your flight tickets and hotel rooms and buy your desired products at relatively lower prices. 

It also extends to online subscriptions. The improvements to GPS tracking make it easy for content owners to increase their prices in some local and international areas. For instance, people who live in the more expensive parts of town may pay higher. If you also live far out of the scope of the content owner’s base location. 

However, you can defeat it by switching your IP address to the most affordable market. 

VPN image

It is an affordable option

You can use a proxy service to unblock many benefits. Say goodbye to geo-blocking, throttling, and potential cyber breaches without breaking the bank. It is also easily accessible – download and install the app, create an account, and pick a premium plan. 

While there are free VPN services, they may not give you the maximal protection you deserve. They are not also without their challenges, such as selling your data, slowing down your internet speed considerably, and disturbing your peace with popup ads. All these will never be a problem with a paid VPN. 

Moreover, the best VPN providers offer users free trials or a money-back guarantee. That way, you can explore their proxy services for a limited period and determine if it is suitable for you. Often, you will find yourself reaching for your card to update your next payment. 

What are the cons of a VPN? 

Sadly, this indispensable technology is not without a few downsides. They include: 

A slowed internet connection

While this problem is not common to all VPNs, the average one will slow down your internet connection. That is because of the degree of technology required to protect your device. Some proxy services can manage it without compromising your internet speed, so opt for one that offers this particular benefit. 

There are improvements to anti-VPN software

The infallible VPN industry receives reinforced attacks from anti-VPN software. It is not always from the bad guy – for instance, some streaming services have technologies that block proxy services with VPN blockers. But again, the strength of the best VPN services in the market will far outweigh the resistance.

Anti-VPN blocks you from content if you try to access it from a Proxy Server

VPN connections sometimes get disrupted 

If you choose a reliable VPN service, connection drops should be nonexistent or exceedingly rare. However, proxy services that are not strong enough cannot resist network disruptions. 

That is why you must choose a proxy service that prevents this or has features that protect your device when it happens. For instance, the kill switch is an excellent feature that blocks your internet connection when it drops. You will be unable to browse until you turn your VPN back on, or it does so itself. 

On a final note

Although VPNs have their downsides, we believe the benefits of proxy services far outweigh them. You destroy online limitations with this technology and enjoy maximum safety in the process.

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