The importance of sitting comfortably when you’re gaming

by MaddOx
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You might think that it’s only elite sportspeople engaged in activities like football, tennis and athletics that need the very best equipment to perform at their very best. But it’s all of us who indulge in any kind of activity, including sitting down playing video games, who need to make sure that everything’s in place to allow for optimal performance.

This is important not just for traditional gamers, but also for the increasing numbers of people who are spending time enjoying the online casino experience. Many are attracted to the activity by the welcome offers that often include a no deposit bonus. Browsing through the offers and casinos can take time, and possibly include operating controls on the PC or tablet that they are not accustomed to using. These can be compared to spending extended periods of time holding a console’s game controller.

So, like all the activities that we spend periods of time doing, some sensible measures need to be taken to make sure that we can also be operating at the highest possible level. This is because the benefits we will enjoy are primarily mental, but with physical aspects too. For example, using an ergonomically-designed keyboard or mouse will simply make things easier to do.

Being physically comfortable makes it far easier to concentrate and give undivided attention to the task at hand, whether it’s playing Call of Duty or a favourite slots game in an online casino.

Sitting comfortably

The first thing to do is to make sure that we have the right kind of chair – and ideally one that has been specifically designed for gamers and gaming. These have been specially created to give exactly the right amount of postural support to our backs, arms and legs to keep us comfortable and focused whilst sitting down.

They are also generally much more adjustable than other chairs. So, when you get the set-up exactly right for you, you’re sure to feel the difference, particularly in a longer session.

We have a number of chairs that we have reviewed over the years, such as the Genesis Nitro 880, the Flexispot Ergonomic desk chair (review coming soon) and the BraZen Phantom Elite. So be sure if you’re looking for something new to be sitting your tush into, to check out some of our reviews to see the pros and cons of what we’ve tested so far.

Orangebox X10 Office Task Chair in black perfect for sitting on

A comfortable environment

It’s not just sitting comfortably that’s important. There are a number of scientific studies that have shown that getting plenty of fresh air can also greatly improve all kinds of cognitive function, make us more alert and have many other benefits for us too.

It stands to reason that, as the brain uses around 20% of the oxygen we absorb, the more that reaches it, the better it will function. So, while you won’t exactly have the chance to go for a walk while you play, opening a window or two will certainly sharpen up performance.

Last, but not least, there’s the light level to consider. There is a sweet spot where it’s light enough to keep you alert but dark enough to mean you can see the screen properly. Get that right too and you’ll be ready to go.

Closing thoughts

Of course, there’s a lot more than just these things to be considered if you’re going to become a top-level gamer. But at least they’ll give you a flying start. Whether that be sitting comfortably at your desk, or by creating a fresher and less bright environment to game in.

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