JL Comfurni Classic Gaming Chair review

by stubat

There are so many different options out there on the market when it comes to buying a gaming chair. So, why should you spend your money on a JL Comfurni over one of their many competitors, that’s what we’re going to find out today!

The model I’m taking a look at is the JL Comfurni Classic Grey, Gaming Chair. With footrest! So how is it?

I think the chair is pretty damn good value, at (as of right now, they have a Halloween sale over on their JMall site, £99.99, or £85.99 without the footrest. I feel like you get a fair amount of chair for your money. I’m personally a sucker for a grey/black combo, this particular model is made of a pretty good feeling leatherette (it doesn’t smell like real leather) that is soft to the touch, the padding feels pretty premium and doesn’t compact too much, but I wouldn’t say it’s memory foam like some of their competitors use.

The armrests are adjustable, that’s both height and angle. I found myself with them around half-height and tilted slightly inwards at the back, I tend to hold my arms quite close to me when I’m gaming with a controller so I like having the option to rest my arms on something there which not a lot of chairs offer, at least not at this price point anyway.

JL Comfurni Gaming Chair footrest out

As a chair it’s pretty damn solid, with the footrest up it’s unbelievably comfortable however it felt like it was leaning to the right slightly? I’m not sure why, but it didn’t feel as stable with that footrest out. Still ridiculously comfortable though, felt myself drifting off straight away which brings me to the next point, it comes with full recline. It will recline all the way to a 180-degree angle. Again, a lot of chairs offer these features I’ve mentioned, but maybe not for £99 or £85.99 without the footrest.

What about assembly? Well, I was slightly confused when my chair arrived as, for some reason the footrest is shipped separately to the rest of the chair. As you can imagine I was kind of surprised when a tiny box arrived from JL Comfurni, I’m stood there like “Errr this… can’t be a chair…” yeah the chair came 2 hours later, weird right? ANYWAY, I got home from a 13-hour shift the next day and got to putting it together, I did it alone, everybody else was in bed and it didn’t take long at all so it’s definitely doable on your own.

An extra pair of hands would’ve been nice of course but here we are! It may have taken me 45 minutes to assemble (you can check out MaddOx_FS building his similar chair in the video below), all tools required came in the box and I have to say, other than how I previously mentioned with the footrest out, the chair itself feels very solid, it does feel quite premium which is a very good thing for the price point they’re attacking with their sales.

So, what’s the final verdict. Would I recommend you pick up one of these chairs? As always, I like to recommend people are savvy with their money. If you want or need a chair right now, I think these are pretty good value for your money. Is it going to be as premium as something from a more mainstream brand like GTOmega or DXRacer? No, of course not. But are you going to get a chair from them for £99/£84.99? Probably not.

For this price point they currently offer in their sale I feel like it’s a steal of a buy and I could definitely recommend it. At the full price for the model I got, £149.99, I would more than likely recommend you maybe wait for sales from some of the bigger brands, you’d be surprised what you can get for your money. I picked up a fabric GTOmega pro series chair maybe 6 years ago now on sale for I believe £125? It’s still going strong, it still gets used by my kid now every day and its crazy value for money.

I always say you should shop around and make the most of your money, especially in these crazy covid times we’re living in, jobs aren’t going to be super secure at the moment right?

JL Confurmi Classic Gaming Chair footrest tucked away

JL Comfurni Classic Gaming Chair overall thoughts

Here we are, at the end. For the price point, these JL Comfurni chairs are going for with their sale, I would recommend it and more than likely give it a very respectable 9/10, easy assembly, really comfortable, feels pretty premium. If you miss out on the sale and you have to pay their full price of £149.99 then I couldn’t really recommend it for that and would probably rate it maybe a 7/10, while it is cheaper than a lot of their bigger brand competitors still, you’ll get a bigger name brand for around that price if you take advantage of THEIR sales too.

The JL Comfurni Classic Gaming Chair is still a solid chair for the price, just be smart with your money folks, you can make it go far if you’re savvy!

If you like what you see and want to jump on the sale while it’s on, they’ve got plenty more models and colours on offer on their website, and you can jump on this link https://jmall.co.uk/?tracking=FULLSYNC and help contribute to our site too, we get a small kickback from any purchases made. For even more reviews from us too, which you could be reading in your new chair, click right HERE.

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Sanwar Ali May 5, 2021 - 6:48 pm

Hi Their chairs are very bad quality and break easily. They are also very difficult to contact.

MaddOx May 6, 2021 - 12:49 am

Yes, we do need to update their review. Since we published this, it has broken and we’ve gotten rid of the chair, replacing it with a much better alternative.


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