As gamers prepare for the launch of an exciting new generation of consoles, Venom’s charging range for PS5 is here to ensure they can play to their heart’s content. The new PS5 Accessories range includes everything gamers need to extend playing times and avoid frustrating mid-game power-loss.

Gamers can get their hands on the latest model of Venom’s flagship Twin Docking Station (SRP £14.99), accompanied by two charging dongles, to keep their controllers fully powered. Simply plug into a free USB port on your PS5 console, insert the dongle into your controller, and drop onto the Docking Station to charge. Handy LED lighting lets you know when they’re ready to use.

Venom PS5 Twin Dock Charging Stand from the new PS5 Accessories range

New to the range is the small yet powerful Single Docking Station (SRP £12.99), designed for gamers who prefer those single-player games, or simply have a third controller to charge!

Venom PS5 Single Dock

For those who desire a more streamlined solution, Venom’s Play & Charge Cable (SRP £7.99) is also returning for the PS5. A premium braided 3-metre cable with a 1.5-metre split ensures that up to two gamers can play and charge their controllers at the same time – perfect for multi-player action. The USB to USB Type C cable can also be used to charge other devices.

Venome PS5 Duel Charging Cable

The PS5 Accessories range, which has been designed with quality, durability and affordability in mind, looks the part too. Black and white panelling ensure your Venom charging accessories look slick next to your new console.

We can’t wait to bring our next generation of high- quality, affordable products to PlayStation gamers. Venom charging products have become a must-have for any gamer looking to level up their play and gain a competitive edge, and our new range for use with PS5 will help them do just that.

Of the PS5 Accessories launch, Sales Director Tom Hodge says

The range is available to pre-order now via Amazon, and will also be available from all good retailers at console launch.

Pre-orders for Venom’s PS5 Accessories are available via the following links:

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