Great Online Vampire Games

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Tales of blood-sucking creatures with supernatural powers date back centuries. Many believe that these stories originate from Slavic folklore and are a product of Slavic people’s anxiety over the regressing status quo of the region. Used as a method of social control. First accounts of their mention can be found in late 18th-century writing. However, ever since Bram Stoker used them in his 1897 masterpiece – Dracula, vampires have held their place in Western pop culture. 

Their popularity spikes and dips. Around the end of the 2000s, vampires experienced a renaissance. This trend lasted for several years before their popularity dwindled, again. However, there’s still a niche audience for these creatures of the night and many great online games feature them.

Immortal Romance

An online slot that tried to capitalize on the vampire fad ten years ago, and was very successful in doing so. In fact, this Microgaming slot has maintained in popularity to this day and currently ranks among the 30 most popular games on the site – slot catalogue. It’s a high variance game that has a killer soundtrack, solid gameplay, colourful characters, and flying bats.

If you’re not familiar with digital gambling, perhaps you should head over to a great online casino and test out Immortal Romance without putting down real money. Most of these platforms even allow players to do some gambling for free, with the use of casino bonuses and all kinds of different promotions. Free spins are the norm at any online casino, and allow players to spin reels and win big prizes without betting. Progressive jackpots and VIP membership with special perks and prizes are other enticing reasons to join one of these sites.


Vampyr has some extremely lofty, ambitious central messages, almost in an attempt to step as far away as possible from Life is Strange’s idyllic teen ambience. At the core of it all, a gifted doctor struck down with vampirism, still trying to heal the sick and protect London’s vulnerable lower class from a rampaging plague. To have the strength to protect, you must also prey on the very people that you’re trying to save.

This is the main theme throughout, and it’s tied in directly with the difficulty/level-up system. If you want to play the tortured dark hero, you’re going to make your un-life a lot harder, but snack away on necks and you’ll be much better equipped to take on the challenges of a London rife with peril.

When it’s not undercutting itself with contemplation, Vampyr is a great experience. Combat is varied and well-implemented, the abilities incrementally adding new flavour as you progress, and occasionally a character or event will come along that surprises you. London is recreated well, and there’s something really enjoyable about being a complete bastard from time to time.

Vampyr artwork

Reign of Blood 

This is an RPG browser game that’s been around for quite some time and has experienced constant growth. And like the development of the game has advanced, so is your mission in the game, to grow stronger. You accomplish this by fighting and killing other vampires. Feasting on their blood makes you more powerful and makes it easier to take down the next victim.

There are four main stats: Speed, Strength, Toughness, and Life. You can raise the level of these through real money, quests, or special awards. This is a turn-based game, so every action requires a turn. The interface is not the prettiest, but the game is immersive enough and provides adequate fun. Especially if you’re into vampires.

Vampire: The Masquerade

Board games are still very popular, the best ones still sell. And, tabletop RPGs have been maintained as well. One such classic is Vampire: The Masquerade, first released in 1991 by White Wolf Publishing. It’s set in a fictionalized gothic-punk world, where players take on vampire characters and fight against their own beastly nature, other vampires, and hunters.

PC gamers might remember Bloodlines, which was an attempt to bring this fictionalized world to PCs, published by industry giant Activision. 

An updated version of the original game can be found at board game sites like Tabletopia, and players can experience the immersive scenarios and RPG fun Masquerade provides.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 artwork

Final Thoughts 

When players access all of the aforementioned games, they need to make sure that they have a good gaming PC as it will boost their overall good gaming experience. Even though the games do not come with high system requirements, being over-prepared never hurts. 

By browsing the best gaming PCs, you will be certain that you can play all of these games, as well as some of the newest releases in the gaming industry.

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