Top sports video games of 2023: From pitch to court

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As we progress through 2023, the world of sporting video games continues to dazzle us with new releases, each more exciting than the last. From the intensity of boxing rings to the strategic plays on the football pitch, this year’s lineup of sports games offers something for every type of enthusiast. Particularly for fans interested in some of these featured sports, the latest games provide an immersive experience that parallels the real-world thrill.

Best sports games of 2023


Step into the boxing ring with Undisputed, a game that revitalises the boxing genre with features like a detailed career mode and customisable boxers. It’s an early-access gem with great potential.

Sports game Undisputed artwork of boxers in the game

Blood Bowl III

Mixing American football with a Warhammer twist, Blood Bowl III offers a violent, strategic version of the sport, unlike anything you’ve seen in traditional football games.

WWE 2K23

Wrestling fans, rejoice! WWE 2K23 brings an improved and polished experience, featuring both current stars and wrestling legends, making it a must-play for sports entertainment aficionados.

EA Sports PGA Tour

EA Sports marks its return to the golfing world with EA Sports PGA Tour, promising a luxurious and refined golfing experience that would attract even the Tiger Woods aficionado.

PGA Tour 2K21 player teeing off

MLB The Show 23

For baseball enthusiasts, MLB The Show 23 continues to offer the best gameplay in sports gaming, with its realistic simulation and engaging game modes.

eFootball 2024

Fans interested in footy will find eFootball 2024 intriguing. As Konami’s answer to the football gaming world, it offers an engaging experience with its annual updates and realistic gameplay.

Madden NFL 24

A staple for American football fans, Madden NFL 24 is expected to come with updated team rosters and enhanced game modes, perfect for those who follow the sport closely.

Madden NFL 24 gameplay capture

NBA 2K24

With a strong focus on career mode storytelling and MyTeam, NBA 2K24 is set to continue its legacy as a top-tier basketball simulation game.

NHL 24

Offering a fresh take on ice hockey, NHL 24 promises a new graphics engine and exhilarating online play modes, perfect for hockey enthusiasts.

Football Manager 24

This game is a haven for those who prefer the managerial side of football. It offers a deep, engaging experience and is a great companion for fans interested in betting on football.

Football Manager FC Sign Up image

EA Sports FC

As the successor to the FIFA series, EA Sports FC is expected to carry the legacy forward with familiar gameplay mechanics, albeit under a new name and licensing agreement.


A fresh face in the football gaming world, UFL aims to provide a fair-play-focused, free-to-play experience, adding a new dimension for football gaming enthusiasts.

AEW Fight Forever

This wrestling game, positioned as a spiritual successor to classics like WWF No Mercy, aims to provide a robust alternative in the wrestling game market.

In Development: AEW's untitled console game

Tape to Tape

A unique, retro-inspired hockey game, Tape to Tape offers a rule-free, humorous take on the sport.

Skate 4

Long-awaited by skateboarding game fans, Skate 4 is set to bring back the iconic series with modern updates and fresh features.

The sports gaming landscape in 2023 is brimming with diverse and exciting titles, catering to fans of all sports genres. From football to hockey, each game offers a unique window into the world of sports, making them perfect for both casual players and those interested in deeper aspects. This year, whether you’re swinging a golf club or scoring a goal on the pitch, the virtual world of sports is more alive and engaging than ever.

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