SoundPEATS Air4 Lite review: Battery bliss and beyond

by Ben Kirby
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Wireless earbuds have become a common accessory, with credit largely due to the introduction of Apple AirPods (their last notably innovative product?). Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to try out several earbud sets, and now it’s time to delve into the realm of the SoundPEATS Air4 Lite.

Back to the long-stalk design, pioneered by the Apple AirPods, the Air4 Lite presents itself as an average option within its price range.

What features do they bring to the table, and what’s included in the package?

The Air4 Lite provides a modest assortment of components in its packaging, and it’s fitting that way. The package includes the earbuds, the charging case, a USB-C cable, and a manual to demonstrate the touch controls.

Much like the set I reviewed last time, the SoundPEATS Air4 Lite has gone USB-C and I’m forever grateful to find myself consistently just reaching for one cable to charge most things these days!

SoundPEATS Air4 Lite - Front pack

Sound Quality

While headphones can boast a sleek appearance, efficient charging, and a comfortable fit (more on these aspects later), the truth fact is that subpar sound quality equates to an unsatisfactory experience, no matter the other features.

Luckily, we’re mostly ok here, too.

I don’t like having to download a bespoke app from the manufacturer to have to manage equalisation functions. However, once it was set the SoundPEATS app was okay. With some serious customisation features to get those tones where you’d like them to be.

Using the Pop preset, I found most songs we right. Certainly clear and loud, which when at the gym or mowing the law, you need above all else. The SoundPEATS Air4 aren’t audiophile earbuds (are any earbuds?!), they’re not there for you to kick back to your favourite LP. They’re here to deliver consistent, clear audio on the go, and that’s achieved.

Also worth noting that modern production and digital compression on streaming services is part of a bigger problem, so you have to bear all of that in mind, too.

Solid job all around.

SoundPEATS Air4 Lite - Case

Build Quality/Functions

I need to get to a specific point here……no active noise cancellation. The SoundPEATS Air4 is missing a modern, standard feature, and it kind of blows my mind a little. What’s going on guys?

Apart from that the build and durability of earbuds a crucial factors. They need to endure the daily routine of being stowed in their case and placed in your ears repeatedly. Surviving accidental drops and consistently responding to touch controls are also essential.

Here, the SoundPEATS Air4 Lite checks all the right boxes. I’m not sure about the glossy plastic charging case, but it’s hardly a show-stopper.

The earbuds themselves fit well enough straight out of the box, and I’ve not had them drop out when exercising, which is really important. More important is the fact that the battery and charge are bloody brilliant. I’ve taken a long time to get this review written, but that’s partly because I’ve realised earbuds get an easy ride at review. How often are batteries tested over a period of months instead of days?!

The SoundPEATS Air4 lasts for hours and the charge in the case is plenty for a full round again. Sitting on 3+ hour train journeys has been a breeze, not having to worry about battery life. That’s a really important factor in 2023.

One other often-overlooked feature is that of microphone functionality. Arguably not massively important, but these have been wonderful on conference calls, phone calls and when trying to Facetime my children. Noteable if nothing else.

The Air4 Lite confidently competes as a well-constructed contender within the wireless earbud arena.

SoundPEATS Air4 Lite - Moody

SoundPEATS Air4 Lite final verdict

Truth be told, the SoundPEATS Air4 Lite has consistently surprised me on various fronts. While they may not deliver a premium audio encounter, they unquestionably offer top-level construction and comfort. Even without active noise cancellation, I’m using them daily for work calls, gym use, and dog walking. Everything.

These are absolutely adequate, with comfort and stellar battery life. Not bank-breaking, nor earth-shattering. They are, however functional, reliable and clear. Which is more than we can say about a lot of things in this day and age.

For more information on these earbuds, check out the official website. And if you’d like to purchase them, the SoundPEATS Air 4 Lite is currently £49.99 on Amazon (although there is a 15% off voucher on there too so they get even cheaper). While you wait for yours to arrive, you can pass the time by checking more of our hardware reviews out by clicking here.

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Aadi Yogi October 3, 2023 - 8:06 am

The case that comes with these earbuds is compact and sleek, making it easy to carry them around and keep them charged.


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