Resident Evil Village Gets a New Update for PC

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Capcom’s Resident Evil Village is a single-player horror survival game released in May 2021. The game is a sequel of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and the eighth entry in the Resident Evil Series. 

According to Resident Evil Village official website, more than 4.5 million copies of the game have been shipped globally, making it one of the most successful entries. Even though Resident Evil Village is already popular among gamers and an early GOTY frontrunner, the developers decided to make it even more exciting for PC players. That is by releasing an update that fine-tunes AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution and improves performance.  

Reports indicate that the PC update is already on Steam. It will see gamers with powerful PCs get the best performance since the update is designed to take full advantage of the computer’s powerful hardware. Upon installation, the game’s performance will improve. Furthermore, the update fixes minor bugs and guarantees the general stability of the game. 

Resident Evil’s popularity across different industries is apparent. For example, it inspired movies such as Resident Evil, Resident Evil Apocalypse, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Not forgetting Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, slated to be released in September.

There is also another game called Resident Evil Re:Verse, whose release was delayed to 2022. According to Capcom, the developing company for resident evil games, they delayed its release because they needed additional time to deliver a flawless gameplay experience. 

But that shouldn’t be a problem to Resident Evil fans. The franchise’s popularity has seen the rise of vast resident evil products, for example, merchandise, comic books, board games, and a slot machine called Resident Evil 6 that can be found in top sites like the 888 Casino — which is highly rated as one of the best casinos according to this 888 Casino review.

Resident Evil Village lady D

Besides fixing bugs, fine-tuning FSR, and ensuring general stability, the update will also heighten PCs’ internal processing, thus creating a better gaming experience depending on the PC’s capabilities. The FSR fine-tuning will guarantee higher frame rates on computers. 

However, that is for PCs that use AMD and have the FidelityFX Super Resolution function. 

According to sources, there were initial complaints regarding the slow performance of Resident Evil Village on PCs. That led to the release of an initial update that seems to have failed to eliminate problems such as stuttering and low performance on PCs. There was also another Resident Evil Village update that was only for PlayStation 5 players.

Currently, Resident Evil is among the top game franchises worldwide, and fans are excited to see the next step Capcom takes with the Resident Evil series. On the other hand, Resident Evil Village became one of the fastest-selling titles in the franchise ranking third overall. 

That is after more than 3 million copies were shipped in four days. So far, the game has received positive feedback from both critics and audiences. However, that has not made Capcom rest on their glories as they continue to design even better games as expected in the upcoming Resident Evil Re:Verse game. The update was necessary as it makes Resident Evil PC fans enjoy the full performance of the game and their PCs.

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