Sea of Thieves – Season 12

by Ben Kirby
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I’ve been getting back into Sea of Thieves recently. Being an original fan from playing it on the Xbox One at release, I’ve seen it grow. I’ve been frustrated with it, enamoured with it, and always come back to seeing how it’s going.

This time, I’ve been testing it on the Steam Deck and diving into the Monkey Island content that was released sometime last year.

However, in this time, Rare has also released Season 12 and seen the launch of the game on Playstation 5! It’s one of a few Xbox Studio’s games to hit the platform, and I think if we’re being honest, the expanded player base can only be a good thing.

Sea of Thieves - Ship

Sea of Thieves – On deck!

Quick side note before we go to a summary of the press content. Playing Sea of Thieves on the Steam Deck is a joy. Walking on-deck, on deck is cool. Sea of Thieves in bed is fun and it runs great.

I’ve only played a couple of hours on it so far, but experienced no issues, and with a holiday coming up, I intend to sail the seas during some downtime. Being able to play it and take it with me is ideal, because a short voyage here and there is a simple kind of pleasure not many games can deliver!

From the press

Sea of Thieves has finally docked on PlayStation®5 shores, and it’s a swashbuckling good time! Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a fresh-faced pirate, this blog post has everything you need to set sail for an unforgettable adventure.

Gear Up for Glory!

  • Account Linking: Link your Microsoft account to carry over your hard-earned progress and cosmetics from other platforms.
  • Assemble Your Crew: Find your perfect crew using the PlayStation®5 Game Base or the new in-game friends list that combines your Microsoft and PlayStation™Network buddies.
  • Unleash Your Inner Buccaneer: Dive into cross-play or set sail with fellow PlayStation™Network players – the choice is yours!

Performance Be Fitting for a Legend!

  • Sea of Thieves runs at a smooth 60 FPS in 4K resolution on PlayStation®5, putting you on par with Xbox Series X players.
  • Feeling fancy? Switch to Performance Mode for a blazing-fast 120Hz refresh rate at 1080p.
  • HDR support ensures vibrant visuals for a truly immersive experience.

Embrace the DualSense™ Difference!

  • Feel the ocean beneath your feet with the DualSense™ controller’s haptic feedback.
  • Experience the thrill of every shot with adaptive triggers that enhance gunplay.
  • Communicate with your crew using the built-in microphone, no headset required!
Sea of Thieves - Fireworks

Season 12 Brings a Pirate’s Paradise!

  • New Weapons: Master throwing knives and unleash fury with the double-barreled pistol.
  • Scattershot Cannons: Rain devastation on enemy ships with these close-range cannons.
  • Bone Callers: Summon spooky skeleton helpers to fight for you!
  • Harpoon Tightropes and Island Ziplines: Navigate the world with newfound speed and agility.
  • Season 12 Rewards: Climb the Renown ladder and unlock exclusive cosmetics, or grab the Plunder Pass for even more loot!

And Much More!

  • Celebrate the PlayStation®5 launch with the commemorative New Dawn Sails!
  • Check out the Pirate Emporium’s new treasures, including the Checkmate Ship Collection and adorable owl pets.
  • Get the full lowdown on fixed issues and known bugs.

Ready to Set Sail?

No matter if you’re a hardened pirate or a curious newcomer, Sea of Thieves on PlayStation®5 offers an unforgettable adventure. So grab your crew, raise the anchor, and prepare for a legendary voyage!

With cross-platform play, I can envision Xbox vs Playstation pirate wars. But for now, a bigger player base, an ever-improving game and the fact you can play it on the go means that there’s likely never been as good a time as now to jump in!

Sea of Thieves - Island

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