Cavern of Dreams: A nostalgic N64-inspired journey awaits on Nintendo Switch

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A splash of retro charm hits the Nintendo E-Shop as Cavern of Dreams, the N64-inspired 3D platformer, launches today. Super Rare Games and Bynine Studios have joined forces to deliver this vibrant title, inviting players to relive the golden era of 3D platforming adventures.

Check out the Cavern of Dreams Nintendo Switch trailer:

Cavern of Dreams is not just a game; it’s a homage to the cherished 3D platformers of the past. With its charming visuals and intuitive gameplay mechanics, it offers a whimsical journey suitable for both young gamers and nostalgic adults. The game features Fynn, a valiant young dragon embarking on a mission to rescue his kidnapped siblings. Players will navigate through a rich, fantasy world, filled with puzzles, collectables, and secret areas waiting to be discovered.

The adventure spreads across four distinct themed lands, each branching from a central hub and unlocking new regions and abilities for Fynn, making every step of the journey an exciting quest towards a heartwarming reunion.

Cavern of Dreams artwork

Quickfire facts about Cavern of Dreams:

  • Collectable Richness: Embark on a treasure hunt with 40 eggs hidden in dangerous locations, mushrooms to nurture your siblings, and collectable cards to complete an in-game Encyclopaedia.
  • Powerful Transformations: Progression allows Fynn to gain new abilities by transforming different body parts – a unique mechanic that enables players to explore previously inaccessible areas and adds a fresh layer to the platforming challenges.
  • Peaceful Exploration: Reflecting its family-friendly approach, Cavern of Dreams focuses on exploration, puzzle-solving, and platforming, devoid of combat but filled with other in-game hazards that keep the adventure engaging.
  • Nostalgic Soundtrack: A mysterious and reminiscent soundtrack enriches the gaming experience, varying across different worlds and adapting to the player’s location within the game.
Cavern of Dreams gameplay

Available now on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch, Cavern of Dreams is priced at an SRP of $12.99 / £9.99 / €12.79. This game promises to be a delightful journey for anyone looking to recapture the magic of classic platformers or introduce the joy of exploration and puzzle-solving to a new generation.

So, dust off your controllers and prepare for a dive into nostalgia with Cavern of Dreams, your next adventure awaits in this colourful and enchanting world.

Cavern of Dreams logo and key artwork for Nintendo Switch release

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