Sean Bean haunts my dreams: The Elusive Mark Faba returns for 2024

by Ben Kirby
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A while ago, in Hitman 2, there was an Elusive Target released that just clicked for me. The target was Mark Faba, played by the one and only Sean Bean.

I fluffed it. I choked hard when I needed to take Mr Bean down. Mark Faba has remained elusive ever since. Due to the fact, it was a one-off attempt and if you failed it, that was that.

Sean Bean in Hitman 2

There have been plenty of other Elusive Targets since, but none have appealed to me as much as Sharpe himself.

Mark Faba hasn’t come back around in all this time. Until this week. As of March 22nd, there’s a chance for all players to have a go again.

Elusive? He sure has been! Dead? Oh, he’s about to be!

Season of the Undying - Elusive Sean Bean

From the press release

IO Interactive let us know this was coming in the last week or so of February, and I’ve been patiently waiting to get back to Miami and set the record straight with Mr Sean Bean, my white whale. Elusive is absolutely the word. But no longer.

I’m buying the bloody pack to keep going until he sees the error of his ways!

The Undying 2024 – Included in the Starter Pack, free for all players

Introduced as the first Elusive Target of HITMAN 2, Sean Bean aka Mark Faba became an instant favorite in the HITMAN community, with many requests to see him appear out of the shadows once more. Players will be able to go after the infamous Undying, with the mission set in the Miami map. The task at hand is to stop Mark Faba before he can complete a contract at the Global Innovation Race event.

The mission will be available for newcomers to HITMAN in a free-to-play Starter Pack, with the possibility of replaying the mission as many times as they wish, for the mission’s duration. HITMAN World of Assassination players can access the Undying for free as the original Elusive target released in HITMAN 2 and try to unlock the reward that comes with the completion of the challenge. The Undying Elusive Target will be available for approximately four weeks from March 22nd.

Hitman World of Assassination players can get a permanent access to the Undying through the DLC Pack, unlocking Mark Faba as part of the Elusive Target Arcade.

The Undying Pack – Available in Stores (RRP: $4.99/€4.99/£3.99)

A DLC pack will be released alongside the return of The Undying Elusive Target, which will include:

  • The Ouroboros – A Three level Arcade contract featuring The Undying Elusive Target, giving a permanent access to the mission through the Arcade mode
  • The Ephemeral Suit with Eye Patch
  • Three items: Kronstadt Mini Flash Robo XOI-2900, Kronstadt IOI-1998X Surround Earphones, Kronstadt Explosive Pen (Gen 2)
  • A set of cosmetics for the Freelancer Safehouse inspired by the iconic Elusive Target mission.

The Season of Undying – Live Updates, Free for HITMAN WOA Players

Alongside the return of Sean Bean as Mark Faba, IO Interactive also unveils HITMAN World of Assassination’s new Season of Undying, highlighting the content which will be added in-game over the next months.

Players will be able to participate in the Berlin Egg Hunt, with the chance to unlock the Raver suit. New Challenges will test their skills with deadly items to obtain as rewards whilst five returning Elusive Targets as well as three rounds of Curated Contracts should keep the players on their toes.

Finally, a Twitch drop, The Purple Streak Duck, will be unlocked for players watching one hour of HITMAN World of Assassination on Twitch between the 22nd and 30th of March.

Elusive - Sean Bean

The Elusive Sean Bean was mean…

I’ll be streaming my efforts over on Twitch, and you can mark my words. Sean Bean’s demise is inevitable.

What a bloody great crossover from the real world. We all know Sean Bean dies in most of his movies. Old Eddard Stark didn’t deserve what he got. 006 in Goldeneye sure did, though.

Right or wrong, being able to engage with an iconic actor in such an open and engaging way in one of the best games ever made is just something I can’t resist.

You’re not elusive now pal.

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