PUBG is 7 Years old!

by Ben Kirby
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Well, here we are. 7 years! I’d guess I’ve been playing PUBG for about 6? Starting on day one of the Xbox One version launch. Every messy update, objects loading in around you after you’d landed, textures all over the place, riding in a car being a life or death situation.

To say that it’s come on in a big way since then would be an understatement. Moreso, the impact that PUBG had on the gaming world cannot be underestimated. It might not have the player base that it once had, nor the market share, but it’s solid and responsible for a genre that took the world by storm.

It’s fair to say that without PUBG, there’s no Fortnite, no Apex Legends and none of the other pretenders to the throne. Think about that for a minute. No PUBG means no Fortnite. Or at least not as we know it today.

So 7 years of PUBG is a big number! A global phenomenon, creating a behemoth of a genre in the mainstream and the inspiration to turn Fortnite from the “Save the World” game to a battle royale.

PUBG created my love for the genre, and it’s seen me through a lot of hours. Xbox, PC, Erangel to Rondo and everywhere in between. I still play it weekly, and I’m still terrible, but it’s always, always fun.

How is Krafton celebrating such a milestone?

PUBG - Balloons

Celebrating 7 years of battle: PUBG’s anniversary bash unveiled!

As PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS marks its 7th year, we get to reflect on a journey filled with intense skirmishes and moments that other games just can’t re-create.

This year’s anniversary is not just a nod to the past but a festive leap into a celebration adorned with unique decors, where sweet treats replace ammunition, and the skies illuminate with fireworks and balloons.

The festivities extend beyond decoration, introducing a suite of events and rewards poised to enhance the gaming experience.

From a special web event to exclusive in-game activities like the Screenshot Event and Partner Drops, players are in for a trove of celebratory content.

Anniversary activities

The party spirit hits the battlegrounds with the introduction of the 7th Anniversary Gift Box and Cupcake mechanic. Which is weird, to be honest.

Players are encouraged to collect cupcakes on starting islands and use them to unlock surprises from the gigantic gift boxes, a token of appreciation from the creators for the community’s enduring support.

The skies of Erangel and other maps will dazzle with Anniversary Fireworks, setting the mood for a party that extends from the ground to the heavens. Additionally, Erangel’s iconic locales, such as the school and cafeterias, receive a festive makeover, infusing a celebratory vibe into every corner of the game.

PUBG - Present opened

Special events and rewards galore

The anniversary celebration is packed with events and rewards designed to enrich the player’s experience. The web event offers a 7th Anniversary Pack for participants, while the Special Drops and screenshot competition promise exclusive in-game items and external prizes, including gaming gear and storage solutions.

Party missions encourage players to engage with the anniversary theme, offering rewards for playing on Erangel, interacting with themed vending machines, and indulging in the anniversary’s unique offerings like themed Energy Drinks.

Join the festivities!

As PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS decks its virtual world with cakes, cupcakes, and fireworks, players are invited to partake in the revelry. This anniversary is more than a milestone—it’s a homage to the shared experiences and adventures that have defined the game’s essence.

So, gear up, dive into the celebration, and continue the saga of survival, camaraderie, and, of course, the pursuit of those sweet chicken dinners.

Happy 7th Anniversary, and here’s to many more!

Discover more about the anniversary events and join the celebration on the official PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS website.

PUBG 7 year birthday

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