Dive into nostalgia with Arcade Paradise VR: Pre-order now for a retro gaming adventure

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Watford, United Kingdom, has become the unlikely epicentre of virtual reality nostalgia as Wired Productions and Nosebleed Interactive unveil their latest creation, Arcade Paradise VR. This unique title, set for release in Spring 2024, marries the enchantment of retro gaming with the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality, promising an immersive dive into the pixelated past.

Arcade Paradise VR washing game

In an exciting twist, the developers have introduced an exclusive VR feature known as the Mixed Reality cabinet “Future Home: Enter Reality”. This innovative tool transcends traditional gameplay boundaries, allowing players to virtually place and interact with arcade cabinets anywhere in the world. This blending of realms is showcased in a newly released trailer, stirring anticipation among retro enthusiasts and VR aficionados alike.

Check out the Arcade Paradise VR Mixed Reality trailer

Arcade Paradise VR transports players back to the year 1993, setting the scene in the quaint, rundown town of Grindstone. Players step into the shoes of Ashley, a defiant teenager battling against familial expectations to transform a mundane laundromat into a buzzing arcade haven. The transformation is not just a business makeover; it’s a journey through time, rekindling the flames of arcade glory days.

However, the path to arcade paradise is paved with the grit of reality. Players will engage in laundromat chores gamified into entertaining mini-games – from gum removal to the art of perfect laundry folding, each task earns the currency needed to fuel the true passion project: expanding the arcade. With 39 fully playable arcade cabinets, each brimming with unique gameplay, missions, and leaderboard glory, the game promises over 30 hours of nostalgic fun.

Arcade Paradise VR Smoke 'em game

Inspired by three decades of gaming history, Arcade Paradise VR offers more than just a trip down memory lane; it’s a celebration of the evolution of gaming, wrapped in the immersive technology of the future.

Pre-orders for Arcade Paradise VR are open now, with a special 10% discount for early birds. The game is set to be available for Meta Quest, marking a new chapter in VR gaming. For those ready to relive the golden age of arcades while pioneering the latest in virtual reality, the future is indeed NOW. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of past and future – pre-order Arcade Paradise VR today and prepare to turn your living room into the ultimate gaming retreat this spring.

For more information, visit https://wiredproductions.com/games/arcade-paradise-vr/, follow Arcade Paradise on Twitter / X, Wired Productions on Twitter / X, Nosebleed Interactive on Twitter / X, and wishlist on Meta.

Arcade Paradise VR Balloon Jack game

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