Resident Evil Village: Top Tips You Need to Know

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Resident Evil is a popular game series that is enjoyed by many gamers. It seems to be getting better with every instalment. Resident Evil Village brings back Ethan Winters as he has to find and rescue his kidnapped daughter Rosemary. This game is from a first-person perspective and has some great shooting.

It also has some great characters and environments to explore. If you have never played a resident evil game before or if you are someone who just wants to be better prepared for this fascinating horror-survival game, then here are some top tips you need to know:

Make Sure to Check Your Maps

If you have played a resident evil game before, then you will know that if a map is red, then it means that you need to get to work and start searching every nook and cranny of the environment for ammo, items and great treasures. Make sure to take your time and carefully search all parts of the environment.

If the red highlight turns to blue, your work is done, and you can proceed to the next part of Resident Evil Village. You need to get all the treasures because you will need the cash throughout the game.

Resident Evil Village map


While Resident Evil Village isn’t an open-world game, you’ll have plenty of locations where you have the full freedom to explore. You also get to go on many great side quests. The problem with many gamers is that they tend to rush through the game.

However, it is important to pay full attention and explore. You will find some great weapons, notes and logs that will help you be better equipped for the challenges to come. When you revisit a village, make sure to take some time out and explore some more. You are likely to find a lot of interesting things.

Remember that you may not be able to revisit some of these areas. Hence, you should make full use of the opportunity. Resident Evil Village is not just about rushing through each objective. If you rush through, you will just miss out on the full gaming experience. Also, remember that when you find objects with the colour yellow on them, it means that the objects are breakable.

Pay Attention to the Sounds

A good pair of high-quality headphones are sure to give you a great, spooky gameplay experience. The sounds in this game can mean many things. They can be an important sign of enemies lurking nearby or let you know that there are things to find.

Protect Yourself at All Costs

Remember to keep moving and find ways to slow your enemies down. Make sure to block and shield yourself. This will give you a chance to reload and get back at your enemies. If all else fails, remember that there is no shame in running.

You will want to continually upgrade as you progress in Resident Evil Village to protect yourself from the damage. The mysterious and happy merchant character known as the Duke will appear in the game from time to time. He can help you with his special recipes. Make sure to choose the right weapons and upgrade them well. Try not to waste your explosives or upgrade your starting pistol (the second pistol is much better).

Resident Evil Village lady D

Make Use of the Duke

You’ll be doing a lot of hunting in Resident Evil Village. It is in your best interest to hunt down as many animals as you can. So, what do you do with all the dead chickens, pigs, fishes and goats that you have in your inventory? Keeping them to yourself will just occupy a lot of space.

Instead, you can take it to the Duke, and he has some great recipes to cook for you that can give you a serious edge over your enemies. The Duke is a resourceful character. He can even hold many of these items for you. This means that you are left with more space in your inventory.

You can also combine all your treasures and trade them with the duke. Keep levelling up and crafting as much as you can. The Duke will also keep giving you useful information throughout the story so pay attention to his words.

Enjoy the Game

This is the most important tip of all. Try not to get too serious or attached to the outcomes in Resident Evil Village. You can always play it again and have fun. Don’t be afraid to gamble with your ammunition like on top sites sorted by Mike, you don’t want to save it all up for bosses, if you feel like you’re in a sticky situation, stick those bullets between the eyes of your enemies.

In Conclusion

Resident Evil Village is undoubtedly one of the best in the series and, quite possibly, one of the best horror games. You can also watch lots of YouTubers play these games and enjoy their commentaries as well.

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