The Alliance DLC unleashed for Gord: New campaign, monsters, and more!

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Fans of the dark fantasy strategy realm, prepare for a fresh descent into the abyss as Gord receives a formidable expansion with The Alliance DLC, now available on PC platforms. Crafted by and Team17 Digital, this premium content beckons you back to the enigmatic world of Gord, priced at an accessible $11.99/€11.99/£9.99.

The Alliance isn’t just a mere addition; it’s a gateway to a plethora of uncharted territories and untold stories within the already rich tapestry of Gord. The DLC introduces an entirely new campaign, setting players on a path riddled with danger and mystery. But that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Expect to confront three new monstrous entities and three new Horrors, each promising to test your strategy and resolve in unique and challenging ways.

Gord map

The expansion does not stop with adversaries alone; it breathes life into the world of Gord with new NPCs, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative and gameplay. Moreover, players will face off against three new humanoid enemies, further diversifying combat and tactical planning. To navigate these threats, The Alliance offers two new biomes, expanding the game’s landscape and providing fresh environments to explore and conquer.

Perhaps most exhilarating is the introduction of a multi-stage final battle, a crescendo of strategic warfare and storytelling. In a groundbreaking twist for the series, players can now tame certain beasts and monsters, adding a new layer of strategy and personalisation to their gameplay experience.

Gord camp

Gord stands out for its mature dark fantasy adventure, urging players to lead the Tribe of the Dawn into the heart of forbidden lands. The game’s unique Sanity System plays a crucial role, as players must not only fend off external threats but also manage their citizens’ mental and physical well-being. The Alliance promises to expand on these core mechanics, offering even more depth to the survival strategy experience.

Hand-crafted quests and powerful incantations remain at the forefront, with the DLC expected to enhance these features significantly. Additionally, the Custom Scenarios mode receives a boost, allowing for an even more tailored and replayable experience, thanks to procedurally generated levels.

Gord battle from the base game before The Alliance DLC was released

For existing fans and newcomers alike, The Alliance DLC for Gord represents a compelling reason to dive into or return to this grim, fascinating world. For more information and to embark on this new dark journey, check out the game’s official Steam store page and delve into the unknown once more.

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Check out the Gord: The Alliance trailer below:

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