Normally when it comes to Edifier we’re checking out their range of speakers, soundbars and other home entertainment pieces. This time, however, we’re looking at something a little different. Their V4 over-ear gaming headset. But what will their forage into the gaming world be like? Let’s find out.

Build Quality & Design – 4.8/5

In terms of build quality, I expect nothing less than near perfection from Edifier, and they’ve duly delivered. Using a robust glossy plastic casing to house its components, the headset feels extremely secure. Upon further inspection, the stitching for the leather material on the earcups and headband seems strong, and there doesn’t seem to be a single stitch out of place. On the outer side of the ear cups, we have a black metal mesh, which houses some beautiful looking LED lights and doesn’t feel like if you dropped it, it would dent or bend easily.

Edifier V4 Headset in black and red

The aesthetics are pleasing as well, it really does look like a luxury headset. As I mentioned, it has a glossy plastic casing, with leather effect ear cups and on the underside of the headband for cushioning, and it certainly makes it look the part. But the LEDs on both the outer side of the ears, and the little light on the mic are what really make it stand out, giving it a clean futuristic almost Tron-like look.

My only niggle with the design of the headset is the fact that it requires a USB connection. Now, this isn’t bad really, because you do have more than enough length on the cable, I’d say roughly 2m but I’ve not measured it to get the exact length. But, as the box does state that it is also compatible with PS4 as well as PC and like me you have your PS4 mounted below your TV, you have to sit quite close if you want to use it. But being mainly a PC headset, this probably won’t bother anyone.

Edifier V4 Headset USB in PC

Comfort – 3.5/5

For some people, this headset will be fine, but not quite so for me. The V4 headset looks luxurious, and part of the reason for that is the leather earcups. However, if you’ve ever read one of my headset reviews, you know that I, despise would be too harsh, but I definitely dislike them. Using such headsets for long periods they make your ears sweat and can often cause irritation, and the V4 is no different. Something like a mesh fabric would work much better allowing your skin to breath and still offering decent isolation from outside sounds, and it could still easily keep that luxury feel if done right.

There are good points though as the headband isn’t too uncomfortable, offering just enough cushioning and the band itself is adjustable. So no matter if you have a tiny head or a massive noggin like me, you should be able to adjust to suit you. The mic and cable both assist with comfort too, as if playing PC you have plenty of slack in the cable, a little less for PS4 gamers potentially, and the mic is lightweight and retractable so you can adjust it to suit your own style, you don’t have to have it right in your face.

Green and Black Edifier V4 Headset

Audio Quality – 5/5

I can’t fault this headset at all when it comes to the audio quality. Every single note is just crystal clear, and there is no signs of muddyness or tinnyness at all. I mean I turned it up to full volume and I didn’t even get any slight distortion, and at the lower end I could still pick up on small details like footsteps.

Best of all though, thanks to the virtual 7. 1 surround sound, when playing games such as Realm Royale I can hear the direction things like enemies and loot goblins are coming from. Meaning I spend less time exploring unnecessary places, and running into enemy fire, and more time executing well-timed attacks and recovering loot as quickly as is humanly possible in-game.

Edifier V4 dissected to see components inside the earcup

Functionality – 4.5/5

What can I say. It functions as it is designed to. With a decent length cable for PC Gamers (may be a little short for PS4 users), and in-line controls to switch the mic on/off, turn volume up and down, switching the headset off completely and turning the vibration function on and off too. What’s the vibration function you ask?

Well, the vibration function is designed to work with the sound by making your gaming experience more immersive. Putting you into the middle of that battlefield or race track you spend so much time on. Now this isn’t an officially supported function in games like FreeSync with monitors, but if it were to become that, then this could be an amazing feature. For now though it seemed more gimmicky and probably besides comfort, is one of the only areas I can mark the headset down slightly on as it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But let it take nothing else away from the headset.

The rest of the headsets functions are controlled using software which is designed to allow you to modify the way the headset works. Just plug your headset into your PC and download from the Edifier website. Then you can do everything from enhancing certain sound levels and activating surround sound amongst other bits and bobs. I suggest doing this first before using the headset because you can then tune the V4 to suit you and it really doesn’t take much time at all.

Edifier V4 headsets in Black/Red White/Blue and Black/Green

Value for Money – 4.5/5

When it comes to Value for Money, they’re not the cheapest 7.1 headset you’re going to find, but they aren’t the most expensive either. However, the V4’s design and build quality, combined with the audio quality and functionality makes this headset great value for money.

I mean it really looks the part, closely rivalling, if not better than some more expensive models aesthetically. And in terms of audio quality, I couldn’t fault it at all, I even feel it has really improved my game, especially on Realm Royale, where I can now hear the direction footsteps or the sound of firing is coming from. Allowing me to ensure that I can either escape trouble early, or alternatively which is more my style, rush in to where the trouble seems to be, going in all guns blazing.

Edifier V4 in White/Blue on a battlefield background

Overall – 4.5/5

Overall, the Edifier V4 gaming headset really is an extraordinary piece of audio engineering. It’s not the cheapest 7.1 surround sound headset you’re going to find, but isn’t the most expensive either, yet it has that luxury look and feel to it to match it’s more expensive competitors. And although I did find some irritation with it in terms of the leather ear cups (which I have with almost all headsets that use them), and the length of the cable when using it with my PlayStation, there wasn’t much else I could fault it on. In fact, I’d go as far to say that these better my favourite Plantronics RIG headset, although I do prefer the RIGs mesh fabric ear cups.

So, if you’re on the look out for a new gaming headset, and you’re a serious PC Gamer, gives these a look in when checking out some of the bigger brands. You won’t regret it.

Edifier V4 Headset TL;DR:

  • Built-in 7.1 Virtual Surround Soundcard helps immerse you into your game worlds;
  • Vibration for a more immersive experience is more of a gimmick than a real feature, but there is potential;
  • USB Headset for PCs, Laptops and PS4 means you can play across a variety of platforms.

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