FULLSYNC’s merch store is now open

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It’s been in the pipeline since December and was publicly announced around a month ago, but the time is finally here. The FULLSYNC merch store is now LIVE!

People were asking how they can support us, and we usually replied with just share our news, reviews and other pieces. After all, word of mouth is a powerful thing.

But even with that we still had people wanting to do more, asking if it was ok to put our logo on their Twitch page, sticking links to our site in their Twitter banners, amongst many other things. And we truly appreciated all the effort our supporters went to. It was more than we could have imagined.

Then someone asked if we had any FULLSYNC clothing they could wear on stream, even offering to pay us for it. And we thought to ourselves, we don’t even have our own branded clothing when we go to events. So, the logical thing was to sort that out first but what if we could kill two birds with one stone?*

Thus we approached Gamers Apparel and asked them to help us design some customised gear for a merch store. Somewhere we could get our own stuff for events, but a place where our beloved supporters could also purchase some FULLSYNC gear and help spread our name throughout the gaming universe.

The merch store lineup

Our prize piece is an esports style jersey, for which we have sponsors all over, just like the pros do. And don’t we look all fancy? But the sponsors are not like normal sponsors, people who pay lots of money to have their name pasted across the best in the business (we probably are). No, they’re a thank you to the people who have supported us throughout FULLSYNC’s life.

FULLSYNC Esports Jersey in the gamers apparel merch store
FULLSYNC Esports Jersey sponsored by Edifier, JR Knight, Sandberg and VR Here.

In addition to that beautiful specimen above, the FULLSYNC merch store also has a few other items which may be worth looking at. Namely a black polo shirt and grey contrast hoodie, both of which have our logo and “Ragequitting Since 2016” slogan embossed on the front.

FULLSYNC Polo in black available at the gamers apparel merch store
FULLSYNC Polo in black
FULLSYNC Grey contrast Hoodie available at the Gamers Apparel merch store
FULLSYNC Contrast Hoodie in grey/black

And if clothing isn’t your cup of tea, we have something for your cup of tea. Your very own FULLSYNC mug.

FULLSYNC Contrast Mug in black/white

I think it’s safe to say that Gamers Apparel and their designer Manvici have done a terrific job on the designs, and we can’t hold our excitement that the store is finally live. So much so that we’re celebrating the launch by offering everyone a special discount code off all merch until we come down from our high. Which won’t be happening any time soon, let me tell you that.

So, if you like what you see and you fancy buying some of our merch to help represent FULLSYNC in the big ol‘ scary world, use the code FULLSYNC19 for 5% off.

And who knows, maybe we’ll add more stuff to our merch store in time. But for now, that’s all we have to give. Well, not strictly true, because we are also giving one lucky person the chance to win an esports jersey, and you can get in on that action by clicking HERE.

We really do appreciate everyone who has supported us so far, and big love goes out to everyone who purchases something from our merch store. You’re the reason we’ve kept going all this time, the reason why, even though we felt like giving up at times, we didn’t. Without you people, there wouldn’t be a FULLSYNC. So once again, from all of us here, a mahoosive thank you to all our supporters, old and new.

*No birds were harmed in the making of our merch store.

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