Bionik Quickshot Trigger Stop (PS4) review

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In competitive gaming, players are always trying to get an edge over their opponents. Sometimes it might just be tactical decisions that get them the advantage, but other times it may be the fact they have a super expensive customised pro controller with all sorts of paddles and other bits. But what if you don’t have that kind of money to spend on a fancy-ass controller? Well, Bionik wants to help you out by allowing you to customise your current controller with Bionik Quickshot Trigger Stops.

But, are they worth their weight in gold? Or are they just a useless gimmick to fool you into spending your hard earned cash on an unnecessary accessory? Let’s find out.

Bionik Quickashot Trigger Grips Boxed

Build Quality & Design – 4/5

With the Quickshot Trigger Stops, Bionik have tried to come up with a custom trigger stop designed for the Playstation 4 controller that offers the user a shorter trigger distance. The stops are designed to attach to the existing L2 and R2 buttons, with the idea that they will allow gamers to take faster shots, making it ideal for Battle Royale and competitive FPS games.

The stops themselves are made out of durable hard plastic and actually feel of decent quality. The design extends the length of the L2 and R2 buttons which are also moulded with ridges, the added texture and greater surface area aimed at providing enhanced ergonomics as well as increasing reaction times due to halving the time it takes to pull the trigger down.

Bionik Quickshot Trigger Stops loose

Installation – 3/5

Ok, so I had a little bit of an issue installing these. They weren’t as easy to do as it seems. Although the tutorial video for the Bionik Quickshot Trigger Stops below this section should help you if you go and buy some yourself. The instructions inside advise you to slide them over, and click them into place, providing adhesive sticky pads if you have any issues. Whether it was damage on my controllers L2 and R2 buttons that was the issue, I don’t know, but I just couldn’t get them on.

Each time I thought I had success they would fall off during the game and I’d work myself up in a tizzy and end up dying or at least getting chickened in Realm Royale, narrowly escaping thanks to my pal Cheez coming to my rescue. Having tried several times I almost gave up, but not being a quitter I decided to give it one more try on a different set of controllers and low and behold they are now resting securely on. But it did take a lot of fidgeting around and fiddling with to get them into position.

Functionality – 3.5/5

The important question for these trigger stops I guess is do they work? Have they made me a better player and am I now smashing all opposition standing before me? Honestly, I’m not sure. Having checked my stats for RealmRoyale on Realm Tracker it would seem that in my last 50 games over the past seven days whenI’ve used the trigger stops, my win percentage has improved from 10% to 12%, but my K/D ratio has actually dropped from 1.7 to 1.66. So whilst I am winning more, I’m either dying more or just not getting as many eliminations.

What I can say though is that it does seem to improve reaction time, as you fire quicker. But as I have an itchy trigger finger anyway, it keeps getting me shouted at for giving away our position. I also seem to miss a lot more, but maybe that’s just because of my tired eyes late at night. The grips do feel more comfortable to use though, once the stops actually fit securely anyway, before that they just infuriated me to the point I was ready to throw the controller out of the window.

Bionik Quickshot Trigger Stops On a PS4 Controller

Value for Money – 5/5

Are the Bionik Quickshot Trigger Stops worth their money? It’ll be a different answer for every person you ask I expect. I’m not saying they aren’t worth the £11.99 that you can get them for on Amazon (price correct as of 16/03/2019) because compare them to the Revolution Unlimited PRO Controller which will set you back roughly £119.99 (price from Very, correct as of 16/03/2019), and they certainly are a bargain.

The problem is, Bionik can offer you the tools to try and help you improve and enhance your performance. But, if you suck at the game you’re playing, and I mean legitimately suck, then tools like this may not be what you need. Obviously that doesn’t matter if you’re only playing for fun rather than to win, but your skills will also come into question when playing and trigger stops aren’t necessarily going to make you better. But as I say, the difference between this and a pro controller is massive so worth the punt. Plus you get two sets in a pack so can go halves with a friend to cut the cost further.

Bionik Quickshot Trigger Stops on Controller from Reverse Angle

Overall Score – 3.9/5

I wasn’t that impressed when these first arrived. I struggled to fit them right away and they were constantly falling off and actually hampering my performance because of it. However, trying them on a newer controller that hasn’t been bashed around seemed to do the trick, and since using them, my win percentage has increased, but my K/D ration has dropped slightly. Is that because of these trigger stops? Who knows. At the end of the day your skill is still the key to winning games and playing well, the Bionik Quickshot Trigger Stops are just a tool to try and help you on your way. But for the cheap price compared to a pro controller, it could well be worth you while investing in a set if you’re wanting something to help your game without splashing the big bucks.

The TL;DR:

  • Customise your controller and improve reaction time allowing you to take down opponents faster;
  • Ideal for Battle Royale and FPS games;
  • Installation isn’t quite as simple as first seems, and it can take some time to get it right;
  • Each pack includes 2 sets for two controllers so great value for money, especially if split with a friend;
  • Bionik only offer you the tools to get better, if you suck at a game, don’t expect these to change your fortunes.

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