Beautifully illustrated RPG Terafyn heads to Android and iOS Thursday, September 24

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Enter the world of Terafyn – a story-driven realm of magical beings, lurking terrors, and unpredictable spinner-based combat!

Featuring richly illustrated creatures and environments, Terafyn is an episodic adventure game blending collectable card and role-playing gameplay to deliver the best of both worlds: meaningful player choices, epic battles – and a hauntingly beautiful, hand-drawn fantasy world.

Terafyn is set to launch on both Android and iOS Thursday, September 24.

The story so far:

Once upon a time, the Great Being Esyn shaped worlds with its bare hands to create life in the cosmos – ensuring balance by sending its god-like children to rule in pairs. Terafyn, one of the many worlds created by Esyn, was ruled by Ona and Aros – siblings with strikingly different personalities and beliefs. Ona was benevolent and merciful, while Aros was harsh and authoritative! As most would expect, a horrific war ensued.
After the war and with Ona’s sacrifice, both gods were sealed away and the memory of them and their children faded. In the present time, strange creature sightings and disappearances are rumored to have taken place in Terafyn; people fear the return of Aros, as unlikely as it may seem. Still, there is hope: a prophecy promises a descendant of Ona will protect Terafyn and its people from Aros, should he rise again …
The story begins in a small fishing village, Brittlemire. You and your father are gathering venterwort in a nearby forest to cure recently ailing villagers. If only this was a simple story! It will take more than magical herbs to face what lies in wait … in the woods.

Key Features:

  • Hand-drawn visuals for that old-school, pen-and-paper feel!
  • Rich storyline that slowly unfolds as the player explores the world of Terafyn.
  • Huge map filled with mythical creatures, helpful allies, challenging quests, and random events.
  • Equipment and rune cards to collect – and strategically deploy, depending on the situation.
  • Unique spinner and card-based battles keep things fresh … and unpredictable.

Terafyn will be released on iOS and Android next Thursday, September 24.

The first three main quests are FREE with a one-time purchase of $1.99 to unlock Episode 1 and additional side quests.

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