Explore the survival horrors of Serum with a new insightful video series

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In the shadowed corridors of the gaming world, where survival is an art mastered by the few, Game Island and Toplitz Productions have unveiled the eerie and captivating universe of their latest creation, Serum. This first-person survival adventure has quickly become a beacon for thrill-seekers and strategy aficionados alike, especially following its notable presence at Steam Next Fest.

Amidst a sea of contenders, Serum distinguished itself, securing a spot in the top 50 most-played demos out of an impressive lineup of 1150, and climbing to the 17th position among the most-followed demos during the event.

SERUM screenshot

But the journey doesn’t end there. For those eager to immerse themselves in the game’s perilous realms, the Serum Next Fest demo remains accessible until the 19th of February, offering a taste of the apocalypse yet to be fully unleashed.

The heart of Serum beats with a unique gameplay mechanic centred around the eponymous serum – a mysterious elixir key to survival in a world ravaged by the Blight, a man-made catastrophe. This serum doesn’t just offer a shield against the pervasive doom; it enhances the player’s abilities and the potency of their handcrafted weapons, offering a gleam of hope amidst despair.

SERUM gameplay at workbench

Through a series of four enlightening videos, Game Island and Toplitz Productions guide players through the game’s dark realities. From mastering survival tactics to understanding the threats posed by mutated creatures, these videos are a treasure trove of insights and tips designed to aid players in their quest for survival.

Watch the first of this new video series below, which offers up five crucial survival tips for playing Serum.

SERUM | 5 Survival Tips

For those drawn to the game’s dark allure, further details await on the official Steam page, the Discord community, and through regular updates shared via devlogs and the X (formerly Twitter) diary. These platforms offer a window into the game’s crafting intricacies, the world’s macabre dangers, and the mutated menaces lurking in the shadows.

As anticipation builds, players are encouraged to wishlist Serum on Steam, marking their calendars for a journey into a world where survival hinges on the power of a mysterious elixir and the wisdom to wield it wisely.

Serum combat gameplay

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