UV light against viruses and bacteria

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Sandberg is now launching two boxes with UV light, which can kill bacteria, fungi and viruses without using any chemicals, which can be harmful for example to a mobile screen or remote control. This is as a result of mobiles, glasses, keys, remote controls and other small items which one frequently handles possibly carrying bacteria and viruses and therefore transmitting disease.

The cleaning process takes just a few minutes and has been certified by the independent testing body SGS as killing at least 99% of microorganisms. The larger of the boxes also contains a wireless charger for a mobile phone, which one can just put on top of the box to get it charged up.

Mobiles can be a source of infection since both bacteria, funghi and viruses can get all over their surfaces. That reduces the effects of hand washing and sanitising, if you use your mobile phone both before and after cleaning your hands. Therefore it is important that mobiles especially are continuously disinfected – at least once a day. UV-light is climate-friendly and does not damage electronics and screens.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Sales Director at Sandberg A/S

The box requires power from a USB plug, for example from an ordinary mobile charger.

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