Totally Reliable Drivers Can Now Fly In New Styles

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service just launched a free event called Windy Wings, the event comes along with two new items and Day and Night Cycle in the game.

A couple of months after the Laser Barrage Event, Totally Reliable Delivery Service just launched the second free event Windy Wings, which allows players to redefine flying in the Totally Reliable world. The update is live on Epic Games Store Now!

Players now get to deliver their five-star services in a superhero style with the brand new Bat Wings available in the update. They can either race with friends to win new cosmetics, get a birds-eye view of the landscape or just wander around up in the air to show off some awesome stunts.

Try the even now by clicking HERE.

Two Totally Reliable New Items:

  • Bat Wings – A new power-up cosmetic that allows players to fly around every corner of the map without barriers!
Totally Reliable Delivery Service Bat Wings
  • Clouds Helicopter – A unique helicopter skin that can be activated at the garage after winning the Windy Wings Event.
Totally Reliable Delivery Service Clouds Helicopter

Day and Night Cycle

Totally Reliable world just turned extra romantic as we are introducing the Day and Night Cycle. After a long day at work, gliding through the starry sky or seeing the sunrise above the map can be a perfect and soothing idea for your next date. If you’d like a real challenge, try delivering your package before the sunrise!

As always, have fun flying around and fighting against the Aliens, and let us know your opinions and suggestions on our DiscordTwitterFacebook and Official Forum!

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