The Protagonist: Ex-1 Is Now Available on Steam Early Access

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The Protagonist: EX-1, a tactical RPG by 3Mind Games, is available for PC on Steam Early Access, beginning March 02, 2021. 

About The Protagonist: EX-1

In The Protagonist: EX-1 players take on the role of Angel, a highly trained special agent with advanced martial arts skills, on a mission to infiltrate an alien space station. After the mission goes wrong, Angel awakens in the infirmary with no memory of what happened and must fight her way through waves of enemies, to rescue the rest of her team.

The Protagonist: EX1 gameplay fighting

The Early Access version contains four levels in which players can explore the alien space station. 3Mind Games is planning regular updates to add new levels, enemies, and much more! Take control of Angel and her teammates Radical and Buddy to fight your way through waves of invading aliens and save the rest of your crew, and the world as we know it.

You can watch the below:

Key features:

  • Become the Protagonist – Immerse yourself in this extraterrestrial tale of intrigue and adventure
  • Explore the Ana-Mon Space Station – Solve puzzles, find clues and fight your way through anyone who dares stand between you and your mission
  • Get Creative With Combat – Using the Martial Arts Combat System (M.A.C.S.), you can customize your character’s close-combat abilities, and unlock awesome combos.
  • In Space, Everyone Can Hear You Scream – Featuring a dynamic dialogue system where you make decisions and face the consequences. (Seriously… what did you expect in a game called “The Protagonist”.
  • Meet The Crew – get to know more than 7 playable characters, featuring the voice talents of Temuera Morrison and Tony Todd, and many more!

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