SoundPEATS Free2 Classic review

by Ben Kirby
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Wireless earbuds are commonplace now, largely thanks to the introduction of the Apple Air Pods (their last actually good innovation?), and I’ve had the pleasure of testing a few sets out over the past couple of years. Now, it’s the turn of the SoundPEATS Free2 Classic.

In the style of the smaller in-ear buds, without the stalk that hangs out. The Free2 Classic are a decent option at the price point.

What do they have on offer?

What’s in the box?

The Free2 Classic is a modest offering in terms of what you get in the box, but why should it be anything else?

You have the buds, the charging case, a cable and a manual to learn all of the touch-controls.

What’s worth noting, and something I’ve found myself incredibly grateful for, is the fact that the charging case, and cable are USB-C. In recent reviews of similarly priced earbuds, they’ve all been micro-USB, but finally something at this price-point (approx £30) has USB-C charging.

In my mind, the charging port alone is worth a couple of bonus points to be honest. Good work SoundPEATS, the Free2 Classic is a notch above the rest in this regard. I can finally throw some old cables away and use the same one for everything!

Free2 Classic - Back of box


Headphones can look great, have good charging and fit perfectly (more on these elements later), but the fact is, if they sound like crap, it’s not a good experience, ever.

Thankfully, the Free2 Classic are plenty good enough to listen to!

I’ll be frank, there’s something missing in the bass/treble and I’ve found the audio to be lacking when I need some of that deeper register. The Free2 Classic don’t deliver some of my favourite tracks in the ways I’d like. However, when covering that mid-range and that higher register, I’ve found them to be more than adequate.

I’d suggest that the more modern pop songs that have been compressed within an inch of their lives. Coated in that sugary-sweet production, will sound excellent and that’s absolutely fine. The Free2 Classic isn’t about audiophile-levels of quality, but I promise you, you could do far worse for thirty quid.

I’ve been listening to podcasts, playlists and just used them for daily background noise and they’ve been excellent. When we combine them with the comfort and build, you’re getting a decent overall experience, and honestly, if you’re in the market for super high-quality audio, I would suspect you budgeted a little higher.

Free2 Classic - Charging Case

Build quality

Audio aside, when you buy some earbuds, you need to know that they’ll withstand the daily in and out of the case and your ear. They’ll manage to survive a drop out of your ear and they’ll control consistently, especially with touch controls!

Thankfully the Free2 Classic tick all of the boxes above. I’d say the charging case feels a bit weird, namely because of the textured plastic. I thought it was a little less “premium” initially, but I think it’s just a design choice.

The actual earbuds themselves may very well be the best-fitting and most comfortable I’ve ever tried. They just slot in (in one specific way) and fit perfectly. There was no adjusting, no changing rubber bits for the right shape or size, just out of the box comfort. That’s an absolute triumph in itself if we’re being honest.

SoundPEATS are obviously not first timers at creating earbuds, and it shows. The units themselves are responsive to touch controls without being over-responsive when moving them about. This is a real bugbear of mine in other units!

The Free2 Classic is a decently-built competitor in the wireless earbud space.

SoundPeats Free2 Classic case


Honestly, I’ve been surprised by the Free2 Classic at most turns. They maybe don’t deliver a top-end audio experience, but they do deliver a top-level built and comfort. If they had active noise cancellation, I’d be even more keen, but that hasn’t stop them from becoming my daily driver.

The USB-C charging at this price-point, has until now been unheard of, and that’s worth something on it’s own!

Excellent work by SoundPEATS.

You can find more official information on these earbuds on the official website, and more of our hardware reviews right HERE.

You can purchase the SoundPEATS Free2 Classic on Amazon. Purchasing anything through this link may earn FULLSYNC a commission.

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