Deston-ation PUBG: 2022’s newest map visited

by Ben Kirby
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Not too long ago, I did a bit of a write-up here on the pre-release showing of the new PUBG map, Deston.

I don’t think it’s a secret on here that I’m a PUBG fan, and I’ve made sure to cover it as often as possible. Sometimes the content released has been a tough one to get excited about (crossovers with brands and football players aren’t really useful to me), but a new map is always something to write home about.

Deston was released on 13th July, and without going too far, I think it might be the best one yet.

Deston - Ready to rumble

The hot new Deston-ation

Ok, so Deston is another 8×8 map. The same size as the original (and up until recently, best) map Erangel, which may well help give you some reference. Erangel was the original, and for a while, the only map available.

With Deston here, I think PUBG Corp has finally hit a sweet spot for their map design. Traditionally the maps suit one specific play style over others. So smaller maps have been about tight, corridor close-quarters. Big maps like Miramar with long lines of the site have been built primarily for long-range combat etc.

Now, we have a map that hasn’t focused on just one type of gunplay. Depending on where you land, or perhaps where the circle takes you, you will have to adapt as you go.

Deston features swamps, hills, woods, cities and towns, and even an open-air concert venue. I’ve jumped off tall towers, filled up my truck at petrol stations and run for miles across different terrain.

I hate to say it, but I think PUBG might be finally considering their peers in the Battle Royale as people that have good ideas, instead of just trying to be in a silo. I honestly think this will benefit them in the long run, too. With some added features here, PUBG is accepting that a little bit of deviation from being realistic is fine, and they can still maintain their realism elsewhere.

Deston - Cityscape

What’s new?

Deston came with a whole set of new bits like vehicles, locales and weapons (including an automatic slug shotgun!). But to me, the interesting changes are the change in what feels like the design philosophy.

Mixing those combat types, adding those varied biomes in different areas on the map and giving some flexibility in mobility and approach. Adding the big towers a-la Apex Legends to get back into the sky for another parachute drop gives you unlimited parachutes, so you can jump off the new masses of tall buildings to escape in a gunfight, or mix things up.

Giving you hovercraft, spaces purely for drones to collect gear that would otherwise be unobtainable. PUBG has started to lean a little bit more into the more casual elements, or the less-realistic elements and it’s going to take off the edge a little for the more casual player.

This is a good thing, I appreciate the variety and new options as to how I can approach things. Just because something is based on realism, doesn’t mean it has to stick there and suffer for it. Hell, I’d rather see some of these changes elsewhere that fit with the game, than some of the store outfits that really take away from it. Deston, to me, is a step in the right direction and a sign that PUBG has room to grow, perhaps looking at their competition a little more in a positive light now?

Changes are here, and hopefully, Deston is a sign of things to come. It’s just instantly a more varied, opportunity-rich environment. It’s taking the crown as the best map PUBG has to offer, in my mind.

Deston - Tower

Time to jump in?

If you’ve been holding off on PUBG, even despite it going free to play recently. I think now is the time to give it a go. If you’ve been put off in the past by the more “military shooter” stylings, or you’ve heavily engaged in Apex Legends or Fortnite, Deston will be the stepping stone to get on board.

I have to say, something as silly as refuelling your car at a petrol station really makes me happy! Such simple things, silly things really, are starting to take shape. PUBG has been my favourite for a long time, and Deston has just cemented that for me. It’s the right step, perhaps a few months too late for some, but the little things will make it a long-enduring success, and I can see that they’re coming now.

Awesome work here. Deston is the best map available right now. With combat variety, constant decision-making based on your location and destination, and some elements of just good-clean-fun. PUBG is sitting comfortably on its throne if you ask me.

Long live the king.

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