Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 review

by Ben Kirby
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Gaming chairs are big business now. I suppose with the rise of home working and the rise of streaming, people want comfort, style and support. With demand, comes supply. Literally hundreds of brands are available, take a quick look on Amazon to see what I’m talking about!

With a market that’s suddenly saturated, you need some kind of steer on some of the brands out there. That’s where this review comes in, and where Sanodesk have a chance to shine with their Gaming Chair – GC01.

Having sat in plenty over the past year or so, and previously reviewed chairs. I feel like I’m the man for the job!

Firstly though, a big thanks to Sanodesk for sending a review unit.

Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 box open

The Build

Comfort and support are critical to the quality of a good chair. But let me tell you…..I’m not too handy, so the build process can’t be too complicated either. Otherwise, I’m already tripped up at the first hurdle. Sanodesk obviously know this, though!

The build of the Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 was pretty straightforward, all told.

Nicely packaged, and with the screws and Allen key nicely packed up. You’re good to go. Each part of the chair is there to pop together and there’s no great effort. So long as you do the pieces in the right order (follow the instructions!), you’re golden.

I would say that the screws on the arms were a little short, so plenty of applied-pressure was required. But let’s be honest, retailing at around £99 at the time of publishing you get higher quality parts than you might expect.

Value is key here, especially when picking up a chair that’s priced in the lower end of the market. It seems to me that quality of the pieces vs the cost is a good value proposition and Sanodesk have achieved something that a lot of the competition maybe don’t even set out to achieve.

Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 parts laid out on the floor


Comfort……the most important aspect of something you’re going to be in for potentially hundreds, if not thousands of hours.

Really well padded base to sit down on is key here, and Sanodesk smashed it out of the park! Firm, but squashable. Wide and ample for even those of us that are a touch larger. Big fan!

The back support feels great (a little bit wonky in terms of finished build quality), and the added lumbar support cushion gives you that pressure-relieving support in the small of your back. Again, firm but perfectly spongy to adjust pressure and apply support. Sanodesk knocked it out of the park!

Fixed armrests are a little disappointing. Without the height adjustment, I find it sometimes a little cumbersome to get arm support. I get it, based on the cost, the design incorporates the arms to add as a stabiliser for the back. It works, and it’s manageable. But if adjustable arm support is important to you, Sanodesk might need a different, more premium model for you.

The height maxes out at a reasonable level, but it does feel an inch or two lower than other chairs I’ve used. Being honest, it’s fine and well withing the realms of comfort for me at 6 feet. And tied-in with Sanodesk’s adjustable foot-rest, who needs feet on the floor anyway?

It’s comfortable and better than cheaper alternatives. Better than a lot of office chairs that I’ve used for years at work. It’s just not a high-end gaming chair experience. That’s not what Sanodesk is aiming for, and the price bracket would indicate as much.

You’re getting good value for money, but if you struggle with back issues, I’d suggest you would be better investing elsewhere.

Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 base and seat


Sanodesk hasn’t strayed too far away from what a “standard” gaming chair is expected to look like at this point. And why should they? They’re selling a low-cost seat to hit a market that is probably looking for a chair that looks like a gaming chair.

It’s looks great. I personally love the bucket seat, black and a single colour design of most gaming chairs. In a world of RGB gaming rigs and bright-coloured stream layouts, the Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 works perfectly. The colouring is lovely, the red is vibrant and appears to have been applied to the plastic leather covering really well.

You ask for a chair that looks and functions like a gaming chair? You got it. It looks great and will fit in nicely to anyone’s gaming room.

Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 in red and black


Low-cost, good quality and all the features you would expect. What else could you ask for? The Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 is a solid entry into the budget-tier gaming chair market.

I would definitely suggest going for a higher-end brand if you need serious support for physical health issues. This chair will absolutely support you and last for countless hours. But it’s not robust enough to give you the level of support you likely need.

Non-adjustable arms are a bit of a deal-breaker for me too. Again, it’s the design, I understand that. But I’m a leaner and I need to get the height spot on. Especially when I’m writing and gaming as much as I do!

If you’re in the market, the Sanodesk chair will see you through at a low cost. It’s a budget gaming chair and it does exactly what you would expect. Albeit, with better quality parts than you might expect.

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You can find more details on the Sanodesk Gaming Chair GC01 on the official website HERE. And don’t forget, you can check out more of our other hardware reviews HERE.

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