Sandberg Cyclone headset review

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So today we have a Guest review of the Sandberg Cyclone gaming headset courtesy of streamer Atom_12272.

On first impressions, the first thing I noticed that was a massive plus for the cyclone headset was its manufacturer 5-year warranty which is hard to come by these days. Once into the packaging, it had a good sturdy feel to it as I played around with it, the band over the top made from a strong rubber and metal strips are very flexible and feel like it will be very durable for day to day gaming.

The ear cups which offer 7.1 surround sound are surprisingly comfortable, after 3 hours of wearing them I felt no pressure on any parts on or around the ear. The 2.5m braided USB cable is fantastic perfect for not only PC but PS4 and XBOX. Offering all gamers on any platform a great experience.

The mic quality is fantastic. I had my doubts about it but the quality of the overall sound capture is amazing and for a headset that is retailed at £32.99, I can now see why they brand it Esports Equipment.

It also has a cycle of 7 LED colors that it alternates through which is pretty awesome but unfortunately, you’re not able to select the colours it cycles through, or stop it on just one solid colour.


  • Build Quality & Comfort – 5/5
  • Functionality – 4/5
  • Value for Money – 5/5

Overall score – 4.7/5

We also have a more detailed video review done at the start of Atom’s latest streaming session which you can check out below:

Watch live video from atom_12272 on

If you fancy checking out the Sandberg Cyclone gaming headset yourself, you can do so by visiting their website HERE.

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