I love games; horrors and puzzle/strategy are my favourite genres but I enjoy playing pretty much anything. I still believe a good story is important and shouldn’t play second fiddle to the multiplayer experience unless via a co-op campaign. I also enjoy watching football, supporting the mighty Liverpool, as well as drinking tea and petting my kittens.

Name: ATOM_12272

Occupation: Streamer

Favourite Games: PUGB, GTA, The Forest and Project Cars

Skills/Talents: I can down a pint of beer in 5 seconds

Likes: Kicking Ass and taking names

Dislikes: Clickbait


A streamer just here to have fun and bring a bit of joy to your life and make you laugh and my terrible game sense!!! I’m a care assistant so my shifts are weird so I stream as often as I can. I love to play games and I try to be as interactive with chat as possible. A happy viewer is happy streamer aka happy ATOM.


STEAM – Atom_12272


TWITCH                    TWITTER



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