Roguelike bullet-hell mayhem: The Crackpet Show

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THE CRACKPET SHOW – The story behind the apocalypse, the rise of champions, and the wicked Show!

An apocalyptic event that occurred without warning changing the fate of the planet as we know by annihilating mankind. It turned the surface into a hazardous area poisoning and mutating all creatures that managed to survive the catastrophe. Those creatures became the main habitats of the devastated world and among them are the worst kind – The Crackpets!

The Crackpet Show gameplay

The world as we know collapses, governments and civilizations fall, the new age dawns, and entire swaths of people are extinct… Rules, laws, relationships, etiquette, habits – everything about society has been remade and formed novum that no one could predict in their wildest dreams – everyone solely survives on entertainment. Their definition of “fun” is completely different from what it used to mean. The animals created the only way to satisfy their urges of enjoyment.

Their crazy brains invented a TV Show that is broadcasted worldwide! Some of the creatures spiral into madness, some discover the insatiable lust for entertainment others use their craziness to provide it. Silly mutated brains decided to choose a leader and they have decided to choose in their own wicked way. The TV Show where the most insane champions take part is not only to provide an epic blast – it’s the only thing that is left in this world.

The Crackpet Show – Reveal Trailer

Champions known as The Crackpets take part in deadly arena matches to satisfy the urges of cruelty, greed, and carnage – basic pandemonium of wickedness which in the new dictionary is the definition of fun. Victory is only secondary here, what matters is to become the ultimate hero of the masses. The number one is chosen by the spectrum of fame, likes, approval, skills, tricks, uncontrollable wickedness, and ability to round up the masses thanks to the non-controlled bloodshed.

Up to four champions can enter the arena and cooperate to survive enemies and bosses like DJ Horse, Hugger, Junk Queen and that’s just the start! Get through each of the seasons in the most roguelike bullet-hell way possible, oh and obviously don’t forget about mayhem… Get the full recognition from watching psycho-brains by creating epic carnage!

The main inspiration for the game has been the “Happy Tree Friends” cartoon. The gore and graphics are a reflection of the characters’ lust for blood and their craziness. Amongst many others titles like Archero, Enter the Dungeon we hope that these resemblances are there.

Meet the champions that are qualified to enter The Crackpet Show arena

Each of them is special in its own way. But all of them have one thing in common – they lack any bits of sanity!


Walks through a hooded and broken city like a typical junkie and lacks the cash like a typical junkie, but notices a retirement home advertisement on the wall that he is looking for employees. He gets the job and drugs all the old pets, for which he gets kicked out and goes back to the street. Then it passes the banner with “The Crackpet Show”. Rest is obviously obvious.

The Crackpet Show - Bunny


From an early age showed above-average intelligence (by putting a block in a hole), then, genius learned how to put more blocks in holes. “The Crackpet Show” banner shown her new challenge. Not only is she one of the few that can give it all, but now also wondering how many holes she can make with a block…

The Crackpet Show - Cowie


A classic veteran soldier who has flashes of light struggles with bouts of aggression and a constant urge for adrenaline. During one of his tantrums, in search of some decent amount of adrenaline he breaks a hole in the wall and sees the “The Crackpet Show” banner through it. Now this adrenaline junkie is one of the participants!

The Crackpet Show - Rusty


A typical idiot nerd. He surrounds himself with the same idiot nerds tho the nerdiest thing about him is counting the bloodstains on his body. Just walked by the “The Crackpet Show” banner and one thought appears! “How many bloodstains will I be able to count?” – he is lost after 3 but now he is a bloody member of the Crackpets!

The Crackpet Show - Sharky

Some of the bosses that champions will have to defeat on The Crackpet Show!

Junk Queen

Junk Queen wanders wherever she wants to. She is constantly giving birth to her minion daughter who is quick and swift so champions have to watch over double trouble! Be aware when she makes a stop! Shots will be fired in all the possible directions!

The Crackpet Show - Junk Queen

DJ Horse

DJ Horse always loved good tunes during the show. Now he is equipped with weapons that match his desires. Some bullets will follow so running this mandatory. This boss shoots his bullets in every possible direction so the crowd in the arena can hear all the tunes he makes!

The Crackpet Show - DJ Horse


Hugger loves to hug! It doesn’t shoot but she is incredibly fast when it comes to running. When she will reach the champion, tiny huggers will appear as an aid to the main one!

The Crackpet Show - Hugger

The Mysterious Boss

This is the most mysterious boss in the game. As the last remaining of human existence, no-one knows full abilities of the final challenge. All that is known is that during the fights rockets drop on you from above!

The Crackpet Show - Mysterious Boss

The Crackpet Show is developed and published by Vixa Games. You’ll find The Crackpet Show on Steam HERE.

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