PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G review

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It’s getting harder to keep track of the things we care about these days. Mainly because there are just so many of them – and while this robust GPS tracking solution might not have the answer to all of them, the PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G certainly has one for the bigger things.

Straight out of the box this is an absolute unit – weighty, robust, splash-proof and equipped with a strong magnetic mounting plate, the PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G is absolutely built to last.

Why would I need the PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G?

This is essentially a GPS tracker you can mount inside a vehicle via a magnetic plate. It doesn’t just HAVE to be a car, though – you could technically use it for anything. It’s not a subtle device by any means, By logging into the online portal, you can locate your vehicle (be it a Fiat or an attack helicopter) with pinpoint accuracy. This is a wonderfully simple device to use, with very little set-up required. You do have to give it quite a hefty charge, but the battery reportedly lasts for 90 days on the passive standby mode.

PAJ GPS specifications

Unfortunately, I was unable to test that, but it’s still displaying a full charge after several days, so I’d be surprised if that claim isn’t true. The unit utilises a clever standby power system to maximise battery life, working by detecting motion. When the unit detects motion, it activates and relays location. It shifts into standby when motion ceases. This is a great device to add a vital layer of security to your vehicle cheaply.

The only downside I would say is it’s too bulky to be versatile. You could only really practically use this in a car or other large vehicle. If you want to keep track of a motorbike or pushbike, you’re probably better to find another option. It’s a shame because this PAJ GPS unit seems born for the outdoors.

PAJ GPS features

I’d even consider taking it on a hiking/camping trip to save some money – not the smallest GPS tag, but definitely, one that would be hard to damage, and even harder to lose. Could even be a blunt-force weapon if the situation was really dire.

How easy is the PAJ GPS Power Finder to set up?

It’s simple and straightforward. You just need your device, the serial number, and a subscription to the online portal which is very easy to use. Just log in wherever and check your device’s location on the map. Besides that, you’ve just got to make sure your device gets a good charge every couple of months. It’s the definition of the set and forgets.

When it comes to tech like this, you want to be able to rely on it. Based on our testing, the PAJ GPS is a great solution. The tracking remained true and accurate even as I moved the GPS around as many different locations as possible. I wasn’t able to move it out of tracking range at any point.

PAJ GPS live tracking

Like having a dash cam, this doesn’t directly impact insurance premiums in the UK, but it could still be extremely useful in certain circumstances. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!

Is the PAJ GPS Power Finder good value for money?

This is probably one of PAJ’s most premium GPS units and I would argue if you’re looking to keep something big and expensive safe, it’s well worth it. The FINDER Portal costs £5.99 per month or £54.99 per year, which is definitely a significant extra expense to use the device but it functions well. When you’re spending that to protect something worth thousands, it’s well worth it.

With tons of smart features – including alarms, if the device is removed from its mount and live route tracking/history, this is the complete package. Check out their website for more info.

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