The Hitman Trilogy: The top 5 locations

by Ben Kirby
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The “World of Assassination” trilogy for the Hitman series by IO Interactive is, in my opinion, the best trilogy of games in the past 10 years, if not longer.

A staggering toybox to deliver chaos or subtle fun. Each map is intricately crafted to deliver endless possibilities. Stories unfolding, new tricks and items to be uncovered at every turn.

I was always a fan of the Hitman series, but this trilogy turned it on its head and saw it ascend the “third-person action” genre, to something much more intricate.

Hitman is arguably a pinnacle in gaming and whilst Agent 47 and the player do plenty of the work. It’s the world, the maps that take the overall experience to the heights it has reached.

All that said, there are some maps that are better than others, here are the top five of the overall Hitman “World of Assassination” trilogy.

Our top 5 Hitman locations


Ah Paris, we’ll always have Paris, right? Well, actually, yes. This was the opening salvo in the World of Assassination Trilogy. This map set the tone and stage for the Hitman series refresh.

Remember now, Hitman was initially a game released in episodes, so people had a lot of time with Paris when the game first came out. And what a starting point.

A massive mansion, fashion show (full catwalk included!), multi-storey, multi-room exploration. The gardens, the guards and the staff.

Paris was the demonstration of what IO Interactive was aiming for and it’s still one of the very best today. That might be a bit of nostalgia, true enough. But having re-played it recently, yet again donning the Helmut Kruger disguise to walk the catwalk (after I got my makeup done!).

Triggering a catastrophic lighting-rig collapse on top of a target.

Paris is showy and classy all at the same time. A map I’ve played more than most, and I still discover more each time I play. One of the best without hesitation.

Hitman - Paris

New York

New York, New York……..well, a bak in New York. Often overlooked, but one that I found personally hardest to sneak my way into initially. Banks have tight security, and this Hitman map is no exception.

A vault, consultation rooms with glass you can tint, and potential for a job interview (which you can pass or fail!). I would suggest that this map was the one that made me see just how intricate and tight the level/mission design is in Hitman.

Choking-out a guard in a vault was a risky manoeuvre, but I managed to get away with it.

I didn’t get the job…

Hitman - New York

Hokkaido, Japan

A spa and a world-class hospital! What a location to do some of your finest Hitman work 47.

The Hokkaido map, to me, is one of the slickest the World of Assassination trilogy has to offer.

Sure there are plenty of accidents and disguises. And killing someone whilst disguised as a yoga instructor, or throwing a heart into the bin are fantastic, fun ways to achieve your goals.

But what always amazes me is the network of “behind the scenes” corridors and rooms for staff. Get the right clearance and you have access to get about the place unseen by many. Not a new concept, even in Hitman. The difference is how well the doors are hidden in the walls.

Easily one of the best and simply being a map.

Hitman - Hokkaido

Sapienza, Italy

There are 2 maps in the World of Assassination trilogy that people harp on about. One of them is Sapienza.

I love it here. It reminds me of where I got married.

A coastal town on the Amalfi coast. Sun-drenched and lively. That would be enough, to be honest, but the mansion and the ways into it are some of my favourite stories that unfold.

There’s also a massive underground lab! Arguably the worst part of the map with an objective that kinda kills your Hitman momentum. But the weather and setting outside make it forgivable.

Lovely stuff!

Dartmoor, United Kingdom

Ah, Dartmoor…..the “Knives out Level”.

I get it, a murder mystery and a dysfunctional family in a massive stately home in the UK. I see the comparisons and it’s hard to disagree.

What sets Dartmoor apart from a lot of the maps in the World of Assassination trilogy, is the sheer scale and beauty of it.

Add the good old British countryside vibe, mixed with the opportunity to legitimately play detective, and you’re presented with one of the finest maps in gaming.

Hitman - Dartmoor

World of Assassination

That’s it! The top 5 locations in Hitman

There are of course plenty of cases to be made for others, and honestly, I’d likely agree with them all.

IO Interactive created these little sandboxes so intricately and wonderfully, I’ll be coming back to them for years to come.

What’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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