On February 11, 2021, On The Road – Truck Simulator by Aerosoft and Toxtronyx will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it brings a lot of fun. In this realistic truck simulation game players steer their trucks on approximately 6,000 km of Autobahn and another 600 km of country roads all across Germany to get their jobs done. Along the way, they pass through well known traffic points such as highway interchanges and triangles, and explore 16 cities including Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Hanover and Berlin with many characteristic road designs and landmarks. 

On The Road – Truck Simulator is available in the Aerosoft store, PlayStation store and on xbox.com and costs 29.99 EUR. The title is rated PEGI 3.

Licensed by the two manufacturers MAN and Scania, several trucks have been faithfully recreated with the same technical features as their role models. For example, the TGX model series (2016) from MAN and the R series (2013) from Scania are available to players in different versions. In addition, there are various trailers depending on the intended use.

So, you are well equipped to run your own small forwarding company; and there is a lot to do: accept a wide variety of transport orders and deliver the goods safely and on time! But that’s not all: if you want to be successful, you also have to plan your routes with maximum efficiency. In addition, you need to hire employees and take rest periods into account. 


On The Road – Truck Simulator has already been released for the PC being consistently improved since the Early Access launch. Aerosoft have incorporated the accumulated experience from three years of development into the console version, which will now benefit players.

We are very proud of the console version of On The Road – Truck Simulator,” says Winfried Diekmann, Managing Director at Aerosoft. “Since the Early Access phase three years ago we’ve worked hard to improve the game step by step and make it a great simulation experience. There have been so many fans that helped us with their feedback. We appreciate that very much.

The features
Approx. 6000 km of freeway and 600 km of country roads on a scale of 1:10
Detailed replicated freeway junctions and triangles
16 cities with unique road constructions
Licensed vehicles: MAN TGX (2016) and Scania R series (2013) both as tractor unit 4×2, box 4×2 and box 6×2
Various trailers
Solo drives
Economic system with own forwarding agency
Complex route planning with combined freight and rest times
Abandonment of vehicles possible and necessary

More information about Aerosoft can be found at Aerosoft on the web, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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