Nacon PS4 Streaming Mic (USB) review

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If, like many people these days, you’ve looked at getting into streaming. Then it’s highly likely you’ve looked into options for a decent microphone to talk to your viewers. You’ve got plenty of options out there, so is the NACON PS4 Streaming Mic a good one to pick up?

When it comes to picking a microphone for streaming, there’s never going to be a right or wrong answer and while some are better than others, it’s all going to depend on a few factors, your budget, your specific taste, what kind of microphone you’re after etc.

NACON PS4 Streaming Mic on stand

Coming in at £64.99 (Argos) or €79.90 (NACON Website) there’s a fair bit of competition. So would I recommend this product? Simply put I think I would. I’ve owned plenty of microphones in the past across all price points, I’ve used things from headset mics to cardioid mics all with varying results. The NACON PS4 Streaming Mic is as good, if not better than any other microphone I have tried around this price point.

It has a clean looking design with an all-metal, matte black finish body. It comes with a windshield and a small stand which is a nice addition but can attach to an arm if necessary. And honestly, sounds really good for the price. I’ve taken the time to record a short test with the Streaming Mic and compared it to some of the other options I have available.

These 3 microphone tests are pretty varied. The first is from the Logitech G933 wireless headset that at retail cost me £130, now I bought that primarily for the sound quality, not the microphone, as I tend to use a standalone mic anyway, but this is just an example of how a headset mic MAY sound if you go for that option.

The NACON PS4 Streaming Mic comes in as previously mentioned at £64.99 currently and I’m sure you’ll all agree its sound is LEAGUES above than the headset microphone and finally, a Blue Yeti Blackout, in my opinion, this one sounds more clear than the NACON however it does retail for just under double the price, coming in at £120 on Amazon right now, you would expect it to perform better really.

NACON PS4 Streaming Mic off stand and with and without cover

So how should you spend your money? As always, it’s going to come down to what you need. If you’re just getting started out with streaming and your only microphone is currently your headset? I’d definitely recommend buying something like the NACON, for £64.99 it sounds great and I don’t think anybody could argue otherwise.

I used it on my PS4 for party chat and got no complaints from the people I played with. However, if you’re already a somewhat established streamer, maybe your money would be better spent on a more high end set up.

NACON PS4 Streaming Mic summary

Overall, I’d give this mic a pretty solid 9/10, when you take into account how it looks, it’s desktop footprint and the sound quality, you really do get a lot for the price.

You can purchase the NACON PS4 Streaming Mic online and in various stores now. Click HERE to head to the official NACON site to find out more information.

This review was written By Stuart ‘Stubat’ Hannon, you can check out more of his, and our other Hardware reviews by clicking HERE.

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