Causa, Voice of the Dusk review: A Refreshing Take on the Genre

by Dillon Sickels
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Greetings traveller! Care for a little fun? Take Causa, Voices of the Dusk for a spin. It’s a wonderful F2P combination of every card game you’ve ever seen with a clever twist on the mechanics. Niebla Games is no stranger to strategy as they have a portfolio of both tabletop and multiplayer online games under their belt. Causa is the newest member to their works and I’m ready to give it a warm welcome.


Causa plays rather similar to mainstream card games like Hearthstone, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! Getting down to the basics, here is what you’ll be working with: a cause (resource) pool as well as character, event, and support cards. One of my favourite things about Causa is that players are required to make important decisions with limited resources each turn.

While only being able to play two cards per turn – unless you use a support or event that gives you an extra play – the player has to decide what card to dedicate (turn into cause), which means each time you commit a card it feels impactful.

The game throws in a few twists to this premise, with the ability to require (play a card that has been dedicated) and the leader powers. These powers give you a choice between two free actions depending on your cause level. They range from 2-6 and really spice the game up. Having the ability to choose between two plays gives you greater flexibility in your playstyle and allows you to strategize for the end game.


The background music for the game makes you feel like a wandering traveller like you’ve stopped at a local bar for a few drinks and decided to play cards with the other denizens to earn money and pride. This gives the game the right amount of atmosphere. The sound effects while navigating menus are nice as well. They feel subtle, but provide enough feedback to give your actions some weight. 

The visuals for the game are right on the money as far as card games go. They aren’t quite as flashy as Hearthstone but they don’t need to be. You can upgrade your card backs and virtual playmats with coins at the shop, so you can really go crazy with designs and customization if that’s your thing.

Deck building/Crafting

This is the part you’ve been waiting for. As with every good card game, Causa has a deck builder. While it’s slightly confusing to understand the card types (glory, wealth, influence, etc.) there are plenty of options that allow you the freedom to create your own playstyle.

Different leader powers allow you to focus on whatever you set up as the win condition for your deck as well as provide all-around support. I would love to see the game add some tooltips on each of the card types, as it would make building more efficient and more fun for new players.

In-Game Purchases

Of course, like with every game that has cosmetic items and continual content, Causa you are going to have microtransactions. These are the things you can buy with in-game money: Campaigns, leaders, packs, card backs, backgrounds. There are not a lot of options at the moment, but there are still a few things you can buy if you really want choices to make. For example, $5 will gets you any leader you want, 3 packs of cards or a new campaign.


Overall? Causa, Voice of the Dusk is a free-to-play multiplayer card game inspired by the giants of its genre but offers a refreshing and exciting twist to the mechanics.

Causa, Voice of the Dusk is developed by Niebla Games and is available now on Steam. If you liked this review, then check out more of our Game reviews HERE.

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